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"Running gives me a sense of controlling my life. I like the finiteness of runs, the fact that I have a clear beginning and end. I set a goal and I achieve it. A good run makes you feel sort of holy." Nancy Gerstein, runner

Ok, maybe I am just way too into running, although I try not to believe that I am.

Even though I was not running in the race today, I felt as though I had to go down. I had to go see my Alzheimer's teammate, MM run and maybe catch some of my very few team members run as well.
Not many people do this run because it starts at 6:30 pm on a Tuesday near Memorial day and the course is very narrow. I had done this race 2 years ago and felt as though the race was just narrow going in between the streets, yet it was neat running through the financial district. So yes, it was an experience.

I arrived early and just sat around enjoying the sunshine and putting together different marathon equations to make for a beginner marathoner. This is difficult since it has been so long since I have been a "beginner" although I still feel that I am a beginner at the marathon distance. I have yet to follow a training schedule and yet to really train correctly. Should I learn to learn? Yes. I really need to start being disciplined and not run as many miles as I do...or am I just an ultra runner?

Anyways, I rolled around trying to find people in the beginning, saw LR & talked with him for a while, then made my way to the start. It was very interesting because I was not running yet I was all aound the starting line where the runner were, I spotted ES (as she always spots me first) then YP & AH and then JM, who always has her pigtails in place.

The race was off and I made my way towards another street parallel, so I can watch the runners pass by. Saw the front runners, then the large pack behind as everyone was wizzing past. I was just standing on the side as runners came within inches just whizzing by. That's rude, maybe I would have done the same though. I wait till the very last runners are there and see the walkers.

Then, I sprint across again to get to the finish line to see all of the runners come in...although I was already late and the first guy had already came in. Then as each runner came in, there were larger and larger amounts of people all tunneling through a small passageway. Very bad...very bad!

Though the beauty of the sunset and lady libery in the background was amazing!
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