The Alzheimer's Project

"I have loved the feel of the green grass under my feet, and the sound of the running stream by my side, and the face of the field has often comforted me more than the faces of men." John Burroughs, philosopher

First and foremost, thank you J for taping THE ALZHEIMER’S PROJECT for me to watch tonight because I did not have HBO…

I learned a whole lot tonight. Not just something about the disease of Alzheimer’s or not about the disease that I run against. But it brought me great inspiration. I have felt in the past few days that I have been way over my head on this project. The project of helping out and volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association in the New York City Marathon to help new runners and train them for the New York City Marathon.

I had felt irritated over the fact that the organization was all about money raised, this and that and how they wanted to bring in a celebrity to help promote the cause (everything revolves around money). I know all of this is important, although I have seen this guiding light from another stand point. (I know that from the other standpoint, the other things are important and this is what makes a balanced team work)

I have always seen this from a coach’s perspective in training. You don’t see the other parts of things where you want to train your team to start efficiently and effectively. You want each and every individual to start the running program and finish the marathon race. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM…this is where it gets tricky.

I found out tonight that there is more than just the cause. There is more than just money that is involved or that lack there of. There is more than just the true passion of running and there is more than just the cause of helping others succeed.

The real reason is a combination of all these things and the greater good. This year I have set out to accomplish one goal to help others, which so far has been ok. I have learned more in every instance, more about myself, others and how much more difficult it is to help others than to help yourself in any running event. I have set out to accomplish this goal THREE (3) years ago and this year, it had finally happened…many thanks to MM and JL for their hard work and getting us to this point. How can I back down now? Seriously…I can’t and never had any intentions to do so…because the cause was too great and the emotions were too strong.

Tonight, I have learned to cry. Learned that within life (I had always though you would learn from your daily mistakes) you would always never stop learning and grow every single day within life. Although, I have been mistaken, where the Alzheimer’s disease reverses your train of thoughts and presents itself in reversing the age process. You literally turn back into a child. The reverse roles from parenthood to child has reversed it’s roles. The views of things are far different when the disease embodies your nature and your family is affected.

So why do I do this? My grandmother. My family and my heritage…I fear the worst…I fear that any other relative from having this horrible disease and view the pains and hardships that we are going through now will strike again on another family member. I fear that even I may have this disease one day and hope that by then we will find a cure.

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