"There's nothing quite like the feeling you get from knowing you're in good physical condition. I wake up alert and singing in the morning, ready to go." Stan Gerstein, runner

After a long day at Jury Duty, I headed up to the Flyer Marathon Training Program after a long day of meetings. It was still early out as I went to the NYRR to retrieve my number for this saturday's race. I got to NYRR and it was the wrong place to get my number...go two blocks down and cross over where all the runners are outside or hanging around. Went upstairs, retrieved my number and was shocked to find that I was not BLUE! Ok, not really shocked due to this race being a points race as well as running some pretty slower times this year. So, yes, not really that shocked in that notion of things. It would be ok anyways, run my race and not fall into the pits of going out too fast as I had when I did Coogan's in the winter. Wheew! Ok, I had been demoted once before for the Team Championship race...maybe they are getting a quota on each team having a certain number of people in a certain color? Would that be fair? I mean I'm not even in the top 5 to 10 people on my team...so that gives me a good buffer zone on this.

Anyways, it will be ok. I had joked around with many of my teammates that I wanted to collect all the different colors anyways...so this will be my second time in RED! Hmm...mighty goes fine with the team colors anyways!

So...afterwards? Well, that's tomorrow....
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