Do I smell?

"I have loved the feel of the green grass under my feet, and the sound of the running stream by my side, and the face of the field has often comforted me more than the faces of men." John Burroughs, philosopher

I walked to Jury Duty, again this is my last week, sat down in a sunny spot in the park. Only to find that there were two people sitting besides me. I sat down for about 5 minutes and the one on the right moves away to another bench (shaded area)...then the one on the left moves as well to another bench (shaded area)

GREAT! What? DO I SMELL or something?

No, they were just getting way too hot from the sun and moved to a shaded area. But it got me thinking!

Anyways, getting down to business...Do you think wearing running shoes with a pair of black dress pants is weird?

I mean I don't! I feel that it's my sense of style...running style and business style.

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