Walkin' in the rain...

So...after I had left the NY Flyer's Marathon training program (MTP)...I walked home with Ping (the newest edition to our large Asian family of flyers or shall I say honorary Asian)

Well, we walked and talked about how the club is and how the men's team has proved everything last year, but this year since we are running with the big boys, we should take it easy. We chatted as he veared off on the west side and I continued down and continued to go down...as the rain started to pour and I continued to refuse to go into the subway and stay dry.

It really was a nice time and night to walk. Yes, I drank, yet again this week, as it all started last night by going to S's restaurant/bar at Five Points on Great Jones. S was the person I had met up with from the Jersey Marathon and we actually had a great time and great conversation...anyways, walking in the rain was very calming, soothing actually almost like running for me.

Running is a time where you don't think. You just move, go with things and just feel. Feel the air blow past you, feel the movements around you as though everything is moving in slow motion.

Do you feel this way? Maybe I am the only one out there who feels this way...

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