Got Licensed?

Ok, so my plan this morning was to wake up early (6:30am, leave the door by 7am) to go out to run, although as I realized that I had misplaced my license since it was not to be found in my wallet, I decided to look for it in the morning. I had thought that I had placed it somewhere in my running wallet (the siete de Mayo event that the NY flyers had) but it was not there...ok, start freaking out. I had remembered then that I had it when I volunteered for that bone marrow volunteering sometime when I had met up with J and James for LP...but that was two weeks ago...ok, last week I went into bars...I remember not using it for the first or even the second...though the third? Did I? Man I think I was lucky that I never had to use it...because it was not in my wallet!

Anyways, looked everywhere, and was turning my room inside out...looked here, looked there....ok, I give up and I was going to give up in my run as well!

Then, I found it. It was clipped next to my business cards...which now I guess I remember using my license the second bar that I had gone to last week...ok, yes I do remember now.

Anyways, I do remember giving LR a business card after she has signed my book.

Anyways, I went out for a run afterwards...but had to cut it short where my original run was suppose to be the lower loop starting from east to west...so I decided to do a 6-8 mile run from east to Staten Island ferry and back.

I had to be sure I made it back to my apartment by 8:30...where I would take a shower and quickly dress to get out for my First Aide and CPR training in Brooklyn.

CPR and First Aide? Yes, I need these to complete my certification to be a Marathon Coach. Might as well get this thing done sooner than later and as quickly as possible...

Q to Brooklyn was eventful, although trying to find the place was weird because it was a house...all these dummies on the ground (baby and adult)
Ok...sat down and made conversation before the class started with this gal, M from Cornell, who needed certification for her summer camp in Oregon...then I went on about running, marathon coaching and Hood to Coast...

Anyways, class started and we learned about First Aide, CPR (with Babies and Adults) and more first aid...then a self assessment test and then certification! Awesome! Now, I'm a certified coach!
Sweet deal...now bring on the clients!

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