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Waking up pretty charged but feeling wiry due to a Charlie Horse last night in the back of my left calf/knee. My leg felt tight. I was ok though, but was troubled due to the tightness factor. It was ok, I was in the Red Corral due to the big names out there.

I put on my gear, get out the door with my new racing shoes...not sure if it was a good idea today to be racing in a 10K to race in new shoes. Anyways, headed to the subway and had on quite the accessory package with my BRIGHT yellow Boston Marathon Jacket and RED foot sleeve for compression.

Arrived with time to spare as I stretched everything out. There were many teams out there. I saw ES who I had seen in the last race that I was in. She spotted me as she told me that I was easy to spot...then came along other flyers, CS and JJ.

I had to put my bags in and escape from the madness...shoot out to the starting line and warmed up on the side. There I shot past Runner26, who said hello and I saw her again as she past my corral. I was not very use to this, going in the RED corral, but it was ok, this made sure that I didn't shoot out too quickly and reassured that I save myself with a negative split which I had intended for.

As the announcements went on, I saw other flyers and friends pass by me. Man, catching some bad odor near me as it stunk of runner clothes that stank from sweat and usual cleaning that never leaves. Ok time to concentrate, national anthem played and then the horn.

We were off and it was not much of a wait or time delay from being a different color. This may actually play well with my head a little as I could negative split and two do well to have confidence into my next big race...the race started out quickly as I had not been in races since NJ. Legs were a little weird, but I felt ok. Breathing came about quickly as I saw KM out there ahead of me. He had been training for this race. I passed him as the rain started. "Just like the New Jersey Marathon!"

Then came the hills as I saw ST, who I usually do train with and never usually see at races anymore. I waited, then saw DR there as well, as I have yet to see him at races as well..."Flyer power" as I recall him saying. Ok, so there was a mini slowdown and I didn't like it much. I passed and saw EF, who usually is ahead by a whole lot. ES was also near as there was a bunch of Flyers all around. Hills approaching...gosh, better get ready. I saw a grouping of President (JM) treasurer (DG), and ex-president (CM) as I can hear them say, "what's he running in this race for?"...wait, was I suppose to rest? Oh yeah, I never rest...

I didn't like the slowdown and shot ahead, I quickly put water over my head as I do in all marathons and the rain just started to pour more. In my mind all I could think about is how we runners run in all conditions, in all weathers and all natures.

I swerved in between people to relieve myself from traffic. Ok, good for now, but still surged ahead as the hills equipped me to go on ahead. Usually people do not like the hills as they have spent all of their energies just surging ahead in the beginning...ahh so much race to go!

I climb, as I always love hills because I was a sprinter. I pass people, still ahead, though getting tired. Up the back stretch and continuing to roll up the "last hill".

I pass the half mat, although unsure really what my time was. Ok, now it's a test of time as I know I usually NEVER negative split. - say NEVER because I am a pretty consistent runner, although usually get caught up in the hype and go out hard and fast in the beginning. Ok I usually get caught up in the movement around me (hence the blue coral is my own killer)

The second half:
I always dead the second half because you always feel drained from the first and because of the hills. Muscles were getting weak as I had ran a 12 miler the day before. But yes, my breathing was short and not really relaxed, my legs were fine, my body was in it, although my lungs were just not there. These are the restrictions I have. I tried to calm myself down and work on my stride and breathing. The long straight away stretch was always a killer to me as I had to work on this. Again I see the three: DG, JM and CM, as I waved to them. It's reassuring to see familiar faces and wished that they were closer to the finish line as I surged again. I kept on my pace as relaxed as possible, but could only wish that this race was over. 10K...why did I not sign up for a 5 miler?

I tried to surge in the last mile and pretty much saw people passing. I let them go, I only start sprinting at the very end...the starting corral fences started rolling past, then came the starting line and then I geared it up as I saw the large amounts of people on each side...fight! Fight it out!

Wheew! Finished as I was gasping for air. I felt good though as nothing really hurt and injured free.

TB was there volunteering as she rubbed my back afterwards...uh! I was wet and soggy! Found out after looking at my watch that I had PRed...but really wasn't sure. I have to check my records, but I am pretty confident that I have never done a sub 40 for a 10K!

Met up with Ping afterwards as we left the park together.

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