Homeward bound...

"Life is complicated. Running is simple. Is it any wonder that people like to run?" KEVIN NELSON, The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration

First Friday day off again...well at least it is spring time and we can at least enjoy the weather!

Although today there were clouds and a chance of showers...great! Wonderful!

I went to my office to get a few items out, since I am away from my office for 4 weeks ish due to Jury Duty...so, I am responsible for the daily effects of my projects.

Ok, so after jury duty yesterday, I needed jet out and go back home...although it was raining!

So...what to do? I was planning after I got to the train station to run home for 3 miles...although I needed a bathroom to change...ok, after I eat my items...I had an hour ride home and I could possibly wait till the end of the train ride to change.

Ok so that was my plan of attack, when I saw AM...who was walking on the platform, she saw me and I saw her and she came into the same cabin as I was at, sat in the seat in front of me and we embraced in seeing each other. It has been a while and it was good to catch up and see her. He relatively went on the same bus together back in High School and I had no problems with anyone from our high school, so it was good.

Since she was going in the direction of my home, she offered me a ride, so plans to run 3 miles home was changed.

Boy, maybe I need to wake up early tomorrow to run since I didn't run all week long except for Monday...that's like 4-5 days! Ok...calm down here...I will be fine, your legs are rested and should be good to go for the marathon...

Home was relaxing and I can honestly say that I am an absolute laziest person when at home...I can clearly say that anywhere outside of the city, I absolutely am SO LAZY! It feels so good too!

Got all my mail & got my sleep as I went to bed early (maybe I should wake up early tomorrow to run...ok, maybe I just stayed in bed after multiple alarm clock flarings)

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