Last day of Jury Duty...

"Many people shy away from hills. They make it easy on themselves, but that limits their improvement. The more you repeat something, the stronger you get." Joe Catalano, running coach

No running today as I had to go grocery shopping and serve for my Jury Duty...last day! Uh, I was also trying out a new internet service called FloTracker, which I am on the cusps of using for my Alzheimer's teammates.

This new system will allow a team grouping effort, like facebook in which allows the coaches to monitor the members that put up their mileage and cab track how they are doing with the program. No worries what so ever though, but we shall see how it goes as I test it for a while on my own.

I quickly go to Jury Duty as it is my last day...and we only try two cases. unbelievable! Anyways that makes it a shorter day, where I quickly buy some grub for TB's party tomorrow and then head on up to her place.

Though, it was sad to say that it was the "Very last time" I would see these people, though probably not due to how much of a bond we all got to know one another during these 4 weeks. We all were like co-workers and although we didn't really like some of the cases, it broke up the day pretty well...allowing us to get out of the office and endure other people for the second half of the day. (Though we did come within an incident of not having enough people for the very last vote due to the fact that there are 2 people whom NEVER voted...I mean one of them voted for one case, though I could not vote because I was not there and it was a come-back case). It was crazy! We barely got the needed amount and passed...good thing because some people were going to rip off their necks! It was insane though, why would you come every single day and NOT vote? Seriously!

Anyways, off of my soap box, I went to TB's place to set up her grill for tomorrow's BBQ for her...then marination of my chicken and then what I didn't know was food shopping with TB.

It was a good night, a full day and I did not run...oh well, get up early to run tomorrow instead!

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