Welcome back...

"After a week of the contained chaos that is my job, I need some solitary running time. On Sundays, I can unwind and reconnect with the natural world." LINDA JONES

So, return back from jury duty and decided today I need to come back for a run. I have taken 3 days off and felt fine.

Today is the day that I break in my new shoes...off with the old and in with the new! I decided to head on up to the park up 2nd ave, which is my usual weekend run up. Along the way, I am unsure if it was just purely a Thursday or what seemed like a Saturday. It was such a beautiful day, although there was a difference...a weird different feeling. As I went up in the 20's some cabbie honked at me because it was my opportunity to go across the street crossing. He honked and looked at me...my reactions were quick as I laid him the middle finger and said F off! Then there were just people on the sidewalks just everywhere...what was up with today?

As I finally made it to the park, I saw that it was just me and PBJ. AH was there, although she had some questions about her heart monitor. I knew a few things about this and told her what I had known. She set out with asfault green and we went on our ways as well. We also met up with JJ who recently did Boston and he chatted with us. PBJ was planning on going to the Siete de Mayo events set up by the Flyers, where I went straight out from the run as I ran around the reservoir...although puddle jumping and bouncing off of the curb to escape the puddles were quite fun as well...

I finally made it to the second to last spot as I had a card for JS, who recently got surgery. (Hopefully he is not reading this today since I have yet to give it to him...)

But yes, walked with DR and DM up to the next stop as I just got some other people to sign and was off again. Ran back home as the new shoes were a little different than I had though. Maybe these will be good for the longer run days.

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