Memorial Day BBQ

"Many people shy away from hills. They make it easy on themselves, but that limits their improvement. The more you repeat something, the stronger you get." Joe Catalano, running coach

So? Where was the BBQ?

TB had a great BBQ as I was late because I was looking for the lighter fluid. Getting the grill to start was a little tough, but we got it working after a while. I got there pretty late, although got confirmation from TB that we were going to start grilling at 4...so I had time before then. Although, when I got to TB's place almost everyone was there already and then many said oh, the chef has arrived. Ok, I didn't know I had to arrive early! Opps!

TB and I totally forgot that we were to make our own burgers, choppin onions and inputting seasoning...it was the usual, although a little pressurous when you are tying to manage a grill at the same time, although it all worked out in the end because you needed to get the grill started.

So! I made the burgers, seasoned them and by the time I was done, all good to go for grilling...though the next time I think TB will take over! I didn't mind at all though as I love to cook for other people...it's the satisfaction of other people that you get pride over and it's nice that they are happy people and stuffed! Haha!

But most of the day I was grillin as my clothes just smelled like a grill....MB thought it was a new scent of mine as she stated, "you can smell but you can't take a bite out of."

After all were fed, my duties were done as I got out the marshmallow's, graham crackers and chocolate to make s mores! Ahh pure success!

After, MB and I had a very interesting conversation about marathonning, our NY Flyers team and her job/government...it was great! Very educational, very stimulating and very nice to have an intelligent conversation. When I thought we were done with the grilling, TB informs me that we had all of the corn that we had bought...

Opps! I quickly throw on a few corn on the cob stalks as I wanted to BBQ corn! Ahh! How many people want corn, I asked? Ok, I just threw on like 6 stalks and tried to keep the fire going...by this point it was a slow moving low heat affair and it was going to take a little longer than expected.

The night died down when people started leaving...little by little until a smaller group formed...then TB and I were the last to be there and I made sure everything else was in order before I had left....

In all...the day went quickly, the night was fun, the BBQ was great...good food, good company, great place and in all a great BBQ to start the holiday weekend...

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