Ok, so after the chilliness of the outdoors after the marathon had ended I stayed at the finish line to shake some hands of the people that came up behind me as I had felt bad. Some started to cramp up and my legs were pretty weak as well...but I had seen my friends (PBJ and Lam) as they had waited for me and they were done with their half marathon. I was freezing and was glad that they had soup, but I was horrified to hear that we had to make it about 1/2 mile back to the hotel to get dry clothes!

Anyways, I was pretty much shivering and had to go to the bathroom, change and then was ok...wheew! Lam and PBJ were very understanding... as we made our ways out and make it to the restaurant to get some grub for lunch.

We ate, then made it out to the train platform. Maybe we were not communicative or maybe it was people around us that we were helping, but they were pretty awkward. We met this guy who tumbled during the race, kept going and finished. He was the very extreme runner where he did ultra's and what not. We also met up with S, who turned up was her first marathon.

Man, can we all remember our first marathons. We entered the train and was on our way home. Lam and I switched chairs, where I wanted to take a nap back home, but S was right there and well we got to talking, though the entire train ride, which was very fascinating! We exchanged info and maybe she's even reading this blog today!

Anyways, walked home after I got out...got home and was pooped!

Showered, did food shopping and took a small nap as I crawled into bed...

Monday's group

Didn't run with the Monday night group, but made my way out to get some signatures...it was good chatting with the group...no running, must take rest!

I ended up, doing the Marathon Training Program for the Flyers, as me and GW are Co-directors.

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