New Balance T-Shirt Contest...

"Running should be a lifelong activity. Approach it patiently and intelligently, and it will reward you for a long, long time." Michael Sargent, M.D.

So, I have been using this web agent called Flotracker recently because this offers the coaches of the Alzheimer's team to monitor there teammates and look at the weekly mileage that they are running. This helps facilitate the needs for both runner and coaches because it allows the runner to see the progress that they are doing with other perks: shoe monitoring, how other teammates are doing, maps of different weekly routes, race updates and of course the most important thing from the site is ability to upload the training schedule, meetings, races and group runs...this is great!

Anyways, searching other aspects in the site is where I combine two passions in my life: design and running.

New Balance had a T-shirt logo contest which allowed runners to make their own T-shirt and there were about 80 or so different T-shirt designs....there were no real requirements, although the theme was: "made in America" opposed to their other logo from last year, which was "Love/hate"

I thought that I had till the end of the week, but I had guessed wrong. I basically had an idea of one design which quickly changed to another...and then I inputted both of them in...

Hell, they are a whole lot simplistic than any of the other ones, which my whole concept would be "if you were a runner, would you wear some of these gaudy designs?".

Seriously here people, you have to think of who is going to be wearing these shirts here...simplicity is key, but over design is overkill...like something else that is over killed in one of the NY flyer's apparel...which I hope to design as well for this year's NYC marathon...

Well, let me know what you think...really. Criticize the hell out of it...one can not learn unless you learn from criticism.

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