Run too much?

"Give up TV, and you'll be amazed at how much time you have to run." Kees Tuinzing, runner and publisher

I had brought my running gear to work as in all Thursday's my usual routine would be to usually hike up to Central Park to meet up with the Thursday night crew...although for some reason, it did not work out the way that I had envisioned it.

Maybe it was the dampened rain, or the Grey skies, or the over-training and excessive mileage that I had been pulling to win this "challenge" that I never imagined to take it so seriously until I noticed how many miles I had been running in the early months of January thru March...or maybe I am learning to "taper"...

Anyways, I left work a bit on the dull side of things, maybe even thinking that work has brought me down a little...not having much to do to keep me busy and occupied.

Coaching for the Alzheimer's has definitely kept me busy in terms of setting up things and organizing items before the Association takes over pre-gala...so, that has definitely kept me busy in terms of where my mind has been.

I stopped by Jack Rabbit's where they were having a "sale" where some of the proceeds were going to Breast Cancer and they had this cyclist at the window spinning their wheels for 3 hours at a time (8 all together) going all day and all night spinning 3,000 miles for some kind of research...I praised them! Now, what happens if they put a treadmill there and put runners up on that storefront?

Anyways, I bought myself a white foam roller and two LED lights for Hood to Coast. Ahh! I had to pass on an adidas T-shirt, which I felt that all I need now are shorts...I have way too many dri_fit shirts...

I went home, got into my gear and convinced myself to either run the east side or run the usual downtown loop. I needed to be pushed out the door as once you sit down or lay down on your bed...it's all over! (This is the reason why I bring my clothes to work so you will go do your workout without having that chance to relax at home)

It was a muggy, semi-cool night as I set out at 8pm where there was still light in the sky. I rolled, feeling comfortable, seeking the sights along the east side water and viewing the nice atmosphere of the bridges (Manhattan and Brooklyn). It was beautiful, but this was not my first time seeing this as I always love that opportunity to think how lucky we are to live in NYC and see all that we do see when we run.

I made my ways around the bend to Staten Island and saw what the fisherman were catching...some caught like 4 feet fish! It was amazing! I felt good, very relaxed as I was not pushing it, just move, go with the flow and chill...let the wave ride and just move with it. I started thinking about how coaching was going, what moods I have been at and just life. I started to think about different things and how those things don't bother me when I run...everything seems so simple, so resolved when I run...all that is bothersome, vanish. All my thoughts are gone. Sometimes I ponder things, other times it is a blank feeling of nothingness that only occur in the moment. As I went down one pier, I see there was a chair...with some articles of clothing, though, there was no one around. I wonder what this chair is doing here? I look on both sides of the piers, only to see the water swells...alright! Whatever..move on, push on.

I move on as I see some guys on the west side kissing one another...no big deal...it's NY and well, the West side piers are "known" for that for some reason...

I end my runs with some sprints down 18th street as my legs feel good...a good 10 miler and pushing me over the hump...the hump of 900 miles this whole year thus far...

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