Running Club

"A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools." Spanish proverb

Everyone seemed to be out on a beautiful Saturday along the Charles River. As I was suppose to or rather I was planning on going to meet with my Alzheimer's teammates though that would require me to run to Watertown at 6 in the morning...

Anyways, I stayed in and met up with my friends at their running club party BBQ. Where I knew no one and felt socially awkward just going into someone's house, but made my way to the back and saw my friends...wheew PP and AD. We went to go eat burritos in Davis square and then decided to go to the Mall! Wow, haven't gone to the mall in a whole while especially now that I live in the city...crazy! Whole new experience!

We left the mall pretty late as the girls got their items that they had wanted...I think swim wear? Anyways, they are getting ready for the Splash and Dash race, the after party at the pool, which somehow they had roped me in with that race.

We stopped by the grocery store as we hoped to make dinner and made pasta, brachetta, and salad. It was good! PP stayed over as I worked a little before heading to bed and we fought on who would get the couch, air mattress or floor...I got off the air mattress to the couch and PP went from floor to air mattress, as I told her that after she got on, she would go back to the floor...

She did...and no one was on the air mattress...wake up early tomorrow for the Heartbreak Hill Half!

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