Somers Track Meet

So...every year on the first weekend in May, my high school holds a track meet. Somers Invitational Lions Club meet...sometimes whenever I am not busy, I tend to do it, where this year since I was "free" and didn't have anything on Saturday (since Broad Street was out of the question due to the NJ marathon)

I chose to help out (if I get paid or not, unsure) but eh, it was all good because I enjoy that stuff!

It was good to see some older teachers that were still there or had retired, but still were part of the Lions Club. Mr S was my sister's violin teacher and my family got to know him pretty well due to my sister trying to be a prodigy Asian gal in the violin...see my parents pretty much wanted us to excel in many things and have the opportunities to be very versatile in many different aspects of life: sports, music, arts, vocal, education, culture, etc...

So I had to say hello, since I had seen him and well, there were other family members who were part of the Lions Club: Mr T and Mr L (father of TJL, who lives in Boston). So, it was very good seeing family members that I have not seen in a while...and most people would say that their parents just LOVE me...is it true? I have no idea, but my parents told me to respect anyone and say hello to person I recognize, where I would have a conversation as well when not just saying hello...weird? I think not!

Anyways, l had a job to sort of be in charge of things that come into the booth of cards and made sure that we record most things that come in...scoring was distributed, giving out shirts and awards were another person...we ran quite the relaxed ship...which we had fun and had a good nice relaxing time over.

It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed that aspect of having some breaks, although in the end it was a pure mad house! It was crazy! Although the meet ended pretty early and was pretty well runned.
In the end, I was on the train by 6, back home in NYC by 7:30pm and back to my apartment by 8pm...eat dinner and chill a little and go to bed by 9pm.

Ok...ready for the Marathon tomorrow? As best as I can be!
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