Alzheimer's meeting

"The idea that the harder you work, the better you're going to be is just garbage. The greatest improvement is made by the man or woman who works most intelligently."Bill Bowerman, running coach

After the late night at the BBQ last night at TB's I stayed later just to make sure that everything was all cleaned up, since well...it has been crazy! TB and I just chilled after talking about life, running and all of the other things with the crazy architecture life. I was sure she wanted to get rid of me as I had been there the night before!

Anyways, I woke up this morning late as I needed to just sleep in and went to the office to get some work done. I had taken Friday off and wanted to get a good set in for memorial day as AJ was in LA doing his marathon...how quickly the tides are turning as his marathons are gearing up and mine are slowing down. There is no need for me to be running so much and those 200+ miles each month are slowly dwindling as NYC marathon Training is taking up most of my time. I decided to go home to run as the heat was a major factor of killerness...

As I decided to do my usual lower loop, I figured that 10 would be sufficient. But boy was it hot! It was getting hotter and hotter and people were grilling on the side and having fun...the humidity was the main factor as I was just sweating a pool of water on my back...ok, I need a drink of water here...I pulled over to the side to get a swig on the west side...

I had to be done with this run by 8pm...which I was going to meet up with JL, who recently got back from his vacation and wanted to meet up with me today, rather than tomorrow...all good, since the sooner the better.

The meeting, this has been the third time in which we have met. The very first was in the same location at Sunburnt Cafe, where we were discussing the very beginnings of power point and how or rather what we were going to be submitting to the NYRR Foundation to get us into being an official charity group. Little did we know...

Now, the third time in which we were meeting (the second time was right before the JR committee meeting when we got word that we were an official charity group) where everything is done paper less and over the communications of e-mail.

But wow, does JL has the whole organizational skills down to a T. I unleashed the marathon training program, which we deliberated that the Newbie schedule would be the very best schedule for newbie marathoners. I use the term Newbie due to the fact that I don't believe in Intermediate or Advanced runners. Runners can learn anything and everything from other people. Each person is designed differently, where something a newbie runner gives advice to another newbie runner, may not be the same advice or what the coach follows themselves...so, runners basically take in everything and all the advice they can, but use only what works for themselves. But newbie runners refers to a freshly non-marathon runner running a marathon for the first time. I get inspired by these people because you never get that feeling back again...you always remember your first marathon and you will always grow and learn. Although I believe that for some it is a lifetime experience, or it is something you can cross off your list...but for other's it brings great joy in running and fitness and friendships.

Anyways, we decided on a whole lot of different things as planning for this event is a hard task. Since we are not paid, we volunteer our time. Since running is a huge thing in our lives, we don't mind putting in the time, although we can not give up our lives. We scheduled a group run every week. May it be with a race or regular run, we shall always have either one week of training together as a group...this will probably increase but allows the coaches to have a flexible schedule (especially on the weekends).

The organizational part is tough so far, but coming along. We are having a pretty good handle on this as we dispersed...we have a lot to do, and one month to do it...as June 24 stares us in the face for the Kick off meeting.

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