Pooped on!

Ok, so Tuesday it started raining and I had been going to Jury duty which I usually eat ouside in the park to enjoy the nice weather...but today was different and I opted to get noodle soup to go with the cold weather and rainy aspect.

I sat in a different park as I ate my noodles on a bench with a bag resting in between me and the cold wet bench. I saw all these pigions around and didn't want to get pooped on, so I finished early...and when I got up...

I had seen that my bag had gotten POOPED on by a pigion! Gross! Not only in one spot, but two: the strap and the bag! Arg!

Well there is a theory going around that if you do get pooped on by a bird or something that it's good luck...yeah! Great good luck to me...whatever people, I don't think it's at all good luck!

On the forefront of things, I am getting over the disappointment factor of how I had done in New Jersey and really digress on how difficult it really was as a pacer.

One more down...35 something to go?

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