What? Not waving at me?

"Running is a statement to society. It is saying 'no' to always being on call, to sacrificing our daily runs for others' needs. When we run we are doing something for ourselves." Phoebe Jones, runner

I plan to run today due to the facts that I will be not running tomorrow because JG had requested that I come on over to watch The Alzheimer's Project (that he had taped on his DVR) tomorrow (which are my usual running days)

So, I planned on running 10 miles doing my usual 10 mile downtown east to west lower loop of manhattan. Although during Jury Duty, I receive a text message from the one, the only: ST or SH, I don't know what to call them anymore, just really confused when it comes to the whole married names and all.

So, she wanted me to run up to Central Park for the group run and run with her. Ok, I usually don't take requests, but it was a nice day out and I was game for a long run (since I did not do my 20 miler this weekend and did not complete my doubler, then I could always make it up with this run). Anyways, - ran up to 42nd street from the east side making it up past Grand Central. Ok, this is runner's suicide when it comes to not at all smooth runs. I do it for the adventure as people think it is insane...which it is, although I like the challenges of it. I run across 42nd towards 5th avenue and make my ways up 5th avenue (again another suicide street during rush hour)...I make it up to the park in 30 minutes and run the opposite direction. I thought I could make some good timing, but was behind on mileage and couldn't make up another 6 miles to make it 3 up, 6 loop before, 6 loop with ST and 3 back = 18.

Anyways, I go the opposite direction (clockwise) and try to make it up to the whole loop. Ah! disappointment sets in when I reach the west side of the reservior by 6:45...uh! I had to turn into the trail loop and make it around to the east side at engineers. There, I see ST and come from behind (which startled her) as I gave her a big sweaty hug-opps! Oh well, it was hot, a bit dry as it was a nice warm day.

ST and I had a lengthy conversation as we always do whenever we run together, the pace continues to get faster and faster as I can not imagine her not being "in shape" It really boggles my mind where she keeps up with the pace and even strings along a great fast pace to run with.
We always chat, laugh and have fun whenever we run together as we try to do it more often, although not as often as we frequently have been. Still kind of scary that she told me about her engagement during a run...ha ha!

Anyways, she told me about her life plans (which she may need an individual coach for the NYC marathon) I told her that I would always be on board with that as she told me that she had just got accepted to Boston General Hospital and will be leaving NYC in a year...NOOO!
Anyways, here comes the kicker...we were walking down 72nd street towards the east side and I'm wondering where her work is. She tells me that it's the last stop right before you go over the Charles River before MIT...oh, I know that...that has some kind of initials or something...BKM? I had no clue.

ST laughed...she said well, the stop was called Charles River/BGH...as in Boston General Hospital...umm...was I suppose to know that? Seriously, do you think I listen to all the words that are coming out of your mouth...I'm just trying to keep up with you!
Anyways, it was a typical Brian moment...

Then, a person comes down the street as I thought it was NC. She waves and I have not seen NC in a while (I think I only saw the short brown pony tail in the back). But anyways, I was like, "Hey! How are you doing?"...then she stopped and she answered me...then asked ST how she was doing...ok, when she stopped I saw that she was taller than NC and it wasn't ST...
In my mind I am thinking, ST, move on, this girl is not NC...but then it was a short conversation and stop and we moved on...ST then asked me how I knew her. I was like, I totally didn't, I thought she was NC and though she was waving at me! Then I put two and two together where ST was a surgeon and the gal was ACTUALLY WAVING AT HER!

Ok, I felt like a dush! What a night, what a night.

As I ran home, I stopped at a stop light and a couple stood near me...not next to me...the female indicated that she smelt a stench. Ok, I shot off and thinking in my mind...do I smell again?


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