Shakespeare in the Park

"When you run a marathon, you mean it. We're built for running. We dream of flying. For now, though, we're built to run." Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Getting up pretty early in the morning to wait in line for a while, say 5 hours, but there was company, PBJ and I have been talking and we were fearful that it was going to rain. But since I did not know about the whole staying in NYC, so the sooner the better! So, woke up and got my pack that I had packed up the night before with all the goods and out the door.

I had my running gear on and I was going to run up to get some miles in today, but the pack was pretty heavy, so that was a little difficult as I ran, stopped, ran again...it was a long 3 miles up, but found Brett waiting as he place items online as a place setter. Ok, we were to meet at 7:45 am!

We now await as we talk about countless amount of items, including:

Why do we have to wait here for 5 hours? Do they really get the tickets at 1pm? Seriously? Is it just for those die hearted fans who would stay on line for 5 hours? Or are they afraid of the feeding frenzy that crowds around?

The other funny thing, when a bird flew by and PBJ goes, I wish I could fly! I thought that was funny...

Now we just await....

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