Another job?

"You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming." Anonymous

So the good thing is that I found a part time job, just in case. The other good thing is that I have got two other small time jobs on top of that...it's going to be one hell of a summer till now until the NYC marathon. It's absolutely crazy and what a whirlwind this is taking.

I thought I was going to take care of my work load today, though I feel that I am not meeting expectations, my own expectations of them allowing what I can do and what I am able to do...this really does suck!

Ok, back up, this is my first day correct? Give myself a break? Never, why would I do that?

Hopefully next weeks move will be a little smoother in a way where I can show them what I have got and the mini vacation during the fourth of July will be a little help as well.

My nerves are shot as I worry consistently now to get things done. Get this done, get that done. Pack, work, am I employed? am I not? Gosh! It's a super killer on my nerves!

Well, looking ahead, there is always tomorrow, another day, another tomorrow...

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