National Run Day!

"The more energy you expend in running, the more energy you have." Kevin Nelson, The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration

So I sign up for this museum tour after work (actually we leave at 4:30 pm, which you get out of work pretty early...sweet. But when we actually commuted up towards the site in which one of the projects that I have worked on, (hence me going up)...

We arrived at El Museo (E 103rd street and 5th ave) where we did our tour...I had thought the tour was only going to last a short while, but I thought wrong, the people in charge gave us the whole scoop and ran longer than I wanted. I wanted to get out by 6:30 pm....to run with ST (or SH?) and wanted to run with Deena Kastor...but the tour ran longer than I had imagined. I was trying to think of ways of getting out, eye hurting from the dust, stomach ache or something else, though I really did not have the urge to lie to my co-workers...

I decided to suck it up and miss running with Deena, though I wanted to get her signature on some photos that I had printed the night before. These would be great gifts for raffle prizes for next year's Alzheimer's donation fund raising events that I will have for my fund raising.

I finally got out of my touring and ran up towards Engineer's gate...it was like 6:59 when I arrived and wasn't sure if Deena was still going to be there. I saw that some people were coming in, and my running club was getting ready to gather for their usual Wednesday night run, though Deena was not in sight as I heard that she was behind...ST finally showed up and chatted with her for a while, then Deena showed!

Wow, she's tiny...thin and recovered from her injury during the Olympics in Beijing when she dropped out. She was running in NYC for the National Running Day!

As people finally were done taking pictures with Deena, I went up to ask for her signatures on my many photos, of which I took of. Her during the women US qualifiers in Boston before the Boston Marathon.
Mary Wittenberg also showed up and saw the photos...and she actually appreciated it.

Ahh! The Flyers then took a photo together and then I ran back with ST and took the bus home to my apartment...

What a day! Awesome! Ryan Hall's signature, Deena Kastor's signature...

Who else can I possibly get next?


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