Rain and decisions…

"You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your own feet and the courage of your lungs." Jesse Owens, Winner of 4 Olympic Gold Medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin

The day actually started at night when I returned from my office at a godly hour from working on the Marathon Training Program for the Alzheimer’s Association. I had to make sure that everything was done correctly and everything added up. I didn’t want the newbies running a different number of miles differently than what was projected and everything had to make sense in some aspect.

But that was not it, I configured two different programs as I had distributed a newbie schedule and a beginner/intermediate schedule pending on what kind of a runner you are. I wanted to make sure that the newbie runners would be prepared enough to run the marathon, although slowly progress them to a point where they will feel comfortable in running a 26.2 mile race. It’s a very interesting concept when you are dealing with bodies and people that creates the difficulty in knowing what or who is ready for what…

So, I came back at 3am in the morning and needed to get up at an ok time to meet up with JL. We were going to discuss everything that would be in the binder that is created for the 50 person team that we have for the Alzheimer’s Association. Yes, we were able to scrounge up 70+ people and have to actually cut 20 people from the list! Ah! That’s the tough part I think.
So I return in the rain last night and wake up in the morning to meet up with JL. We meet and discuss and have a jamming session of hashing out a few items of what I need to do and what he has accomplished. He’s more of the organizational factor and I am more of the design factor in this partnership of planning out everything as we go one-two in the coaching factor for the Alzheimer’s Association’s inaugural Run 2 Remember Team.

I leave his work place and continue on towards my job in eventually continuing with Alzheimer’s work that I have yet to be finished with. There were still lots to be done and just getting ready for the simple cuts of the team were torcher. In my mind, I figured we were going to be in the room for a while, so I would better be prepared to know everyone inside and out. I also stopped by Paragon Sports, since I didn’t exactly know when I would have an appointment with one of the managers for the running position.

Anyways, the guy couldn’t see me, I tested out and impressed one of the employees that were there…and went to work afterwards. Seriously? I asked my boss some questions pertaining to this layoff Furlough period as I didn’t have these questions when I was shaken up by the news on Monday.

Worked till 5pm and then left. Crap! I was late…I was suppose to be across town and up at 40th street and Lexington by 5:30…and it was practically 5:30 by the time I got over to 23rd Street. Oh boy, if I had my running shoes it would be a different story now. The rain started again and I was exhausted by the time I got there to the Association. I was sweatin’ due to my perspiration that I give off whenever I am late and running through NYC like a madman.
The meeting went rather smoothly as we saw each person and ranked each person. We all had a consensus of who we wanted into the program and played each and every person fairly. The discussion of each person’s occupation, fundraising abilities, experienced runners and how the personality played an important part in the selection process. The selections would make each member of the group of 50 a talented team.

As we left the chapter, Jeff and I walked home and chatted. We were excited, we were psyched and most importantly we finally found our dreams to becoming reality. I still remember the days where I had first met Jeff and discussing this program was more of a figment of an imagination, a dream and a chance that we would have in allowing us to become an official Charity Group. It was truly amazing what this will become and slowly next week it will progress into something tangible and real.

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JH said...

I hope that this note is unnecessary because I just misunderstood, but in case I didn't.....here are some things that I would think about asking about furlough.
1. what's the deal with health insurance--do I still get any or do I have to pay more; how much longer will I get health insurance; can I change my insurance to opt for a cheaper package?
2. can I still use the office and office facilities (like computers etc.) -- it might have to be outside of business hours, but I would let them tell you that or try to counteroffer with that,
3. are you allowed to look for architecture related work during furlough, and what will they say if a potential employer calls you,
4. how would re-calls from furlough work--will you be given a period of time to report to work before you lose your position, and will they call up furloughed employees before hiring new employees
5. if you sense that this really a furlough rather than a nice way of doing lay-off, you should ask them how you can keep your skills sharp, or improve on or develop your architecture skills,