The purpose...

Many times I ask myself the question, "why do I run?"

There are all these different answers at different times in my life. Most times it is for the relaxation, other times it is for comfort, and other's it is for the get away.

Then, there is always once a year or almost every time I do a marathon where I know the main purpose. The main purpose is not to just finish the long race of a marathon. The main purpose is to do each and every race for my grandma.

I do not see my grandma very often and now that I do not have to work much anymore, I may see her more. I had a chance to see her today due to the fact that she has had many complications recently which had involved going to the hospital by ambulance.

I needed to make the time in my busy schedule to visit my grandma, visit my family and see my parents...most importantly wish my father a Happy Father's Day!

I arrived in New Jersey in the wee mornings, where my cousin was going to pick me up, though I didn't want to wait and his parents place was pretty close, I opted to just walk.
The rain started to drizzle and I had sandles on, so walking was the more favorite thing to do. I was not really going to run and wanted to see how far I could get when he came around to finally picking me up. Well, I called him at this funeral home location which was about 3/4 to a mile away from his house. He told me that he was very close to where I was...so I started running figuring that it's a game of cat and mouse. I figured he would eventually catch me, but wanted to see how far I could get before he caught up to me...I passed the school grounds which was right around the corner to where his parents place was...look back, no one...weird, I thought he would have caught me already...I turn the bend and could see his parents house...this is weird, he really should have caught me now. I keep running and actually take out my phone and called him to tell him about my precelebration... 5-7 houses out, I hear this revving of the engine....he turns the bend and catches up!

NOOO!!!! I start sprinting...he catches up, stops a little and passes me...NOOO!!!

That sucked! Ok, I also run for the challenge.

But yes, we walk over to my grandma's house which is located right behind his and see how grandma is doing.

Grandma is the one that I run for each and every year for my cause. She is the one who has the disease of Alzheimers and she is showing the later stages of the disease from a scale of 1-7...a defined 6 but a little less...so 5.8.

She was not in the best of moods today as she showed her angry side. Mood swings and uneven personalities are clearly defined in the different stages of the Alzheimer's disease. Some days you get the good days, some days you get the bad days and today was clearly a bad day.

She was tired, unhappy, not eating much and having a loss of appetite. She just wanted to sleep and we allowed her to...

My cousin and I stayed a little chatting and catching up. Just having our presence there with her, hopefully allowed some comfort to me to see her and for her and for her to see me. My cousin and I talked as she sang a little, we talked about her moods in the past 3 weeks as it has changed due to high blood pressure and personality changes. A complete night and day from 2 weeks ago, she was admitted into the hospital due to high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

But when she fell asleep, we left, we told her that we would come back to see her and allowed the day to just chill out, watching movies and just relaxing.

Before we left for dinner at my families restaurant, we went to go see my grandmother yet again, just to say goodbye. Still she wasn't in the best of moods and wanted me to leave. It's ok, I understand the disease...it's terrible as I would never want anyone to go through this. I think it's only going to get harder for my parents and family as time goes by...all you can do is just allow the process to take it's course and spend as much time with them as much as possible.

This is what I fight for. This is why I do this...
This is why I run to fight against the Alzheimer's Disease.

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