Take one day at a time...

"The long race is there always, as a sort of platform on which to evaluate, and sometimes alter your life." Benjamin Cheever, Strides

Headed out this morning on a timed run from my apartment building to 72nd street where we will be starting on our kickoff run. We have a kick off meeting today for the Alzheimer's Association's Run2Remember team as we kick off our official team of 50+ members.

All this hard work through the 3 years of getting this off the ground and finally it is here. As I run up the West Side Highway, I see familiar parts, then venture up towards Riverside Park and it's different and scenic. This should be a good first group run, as I can check out people's gaits, how their form is and correct it early on. I run up along the Hudson river and see a gal that resembles Runner26. I look over quizzicle and think in my head, yup, that is Runner 26. I stop my watch and we chat a little while as she was saddened as she caught up with my blog. She must have found out that I was laid off and unemployed and was leaving my roommate situation (homeless) at the same time. It's a tough life we live in most of the time and we have to deal with our problems all differently. If you don't have one problem, you have another in some sort of way.

She said, "hang in there, take one day at a time". Funny that, how was I suppose to take one day at a time if I was homeless?". Kidding, I got lots of great friends who I can crash on couches and have many back up plans so I can feel that if I go into another living condition, then I can make the right choice this time around.

We catch up and then continue both on our runs. I finally reach 72nd street and scope out the area. Take a few pictures here and there and down the West Side Highway to measure out the distances of the runs and take pictures of the turning points for each run as well.
As I went down, I thought about what Runner26 said to me. I put thing into perspective and I did have to live each day...just taking one day at a time.

I cleaned up my room and was going to go to the office, although didn't feel like going and just snipped away at some news clippings from marathons. I needed to purge out some items from my marathon full of crap binders and after that stepped in a shard of glass, so my leg was killing me and it was bleeding...so I had to wait a while before I was healed...ok, freaking out a little...taking down the wall of shirts was very grim. I enjoyed my wall of race shirts as they are my symbolism for the whole year. But as in all years end, it had to be taken down...so sad!

So? In relief of my depressed state, I needed to get out and what a great deal it was to see my Run2Remember team FINALLY form! After 3 years, with help on all ends from the chapter, from JL as a spark for this year, from MM, who has year after year written up.a proposal alongside of me. Uh! FINALLY this is forming and after several weeks of preparing the binder...it's an absolute amazing effects!

I walked up to the Alzheimer's Association and we got ready for our kickoff meeting!

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