500+ to go!

"One of the scariest things about running a marathon for the first time isn't the distance, the muscle pain, the chafing, or the blisters. It's not knowing what's going to happen." Runner's World UK
We are not playing in July...wait...till this thing is all over...

2009...in 2009...

500+ to go...2 more months and this thing is over! September baby!


2009 miles in 2009? - July...

"It is a sublime thing to suffer and be stronger." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American Poet and Educator

Yeah...as days slowly linger on...I slowly move up...

NICK...this month is umm...yeah...

Never do this at home folks...
Moving up to Number 5 on Run Logger!

Yeah and socks...answered some questions from Running lounge and got free socks...

questions answered:
How do quality, name-brand running socks differ from each other?

Quality branded socks do differ in many ways. Although I do not discriminate towards any sock that I am wearing for work and care not to change into a new pair to run due to just the laziness and laundry issues.

Quality brands have more of an emphasis towards certain regions of the foot. Also the sock wraps around the foot better with dri-fit technology compared to non-branded socks.

Name brand socks all try to have a different quality or region about them that they try to get people to buy their product. May it be those socks that never get the soaking feeling and "keeps you dry" on the inside when you run outside, or may it be helping in an anti-blistering technology, they all are different in their own ways.

What goes into the design and construction of great socks?
I certainly like the snug feel. I like a non bulky/ cushiony feel to it. The thinner set and snug feel, I feel is the better sock for me. I know how some people like the feel of more cushioning. Anti-blistering and anti smell (anti fungal, deodorant, etc) is also important...but I certainly go for a thinner set of Asic socks.

What mistake do runners make in selecting socks?

I think most runners go for a cheaper sock. They don't think that sometimes the displacement within your sock may be the problem to the blistering or how your foot reacts to the road or shoe.

Why is it the smallest, lightest weight, and least expensive running gear we wear means so much to us?

I think maybe the sock is what we think is just the in between portion of our running digression. The shorts / shirt, hat, bandanna, sunglasses are what people see, the shoes are for the comfort level and what we would pay the most out of and I think we lose sight of since we pay so much for the shoes, we do not want to pay so much for the socks.


2009 miles in 2009?

"The marathon is my benchmark. It is the status symbol in my community, the running community." George Sheehan

Nick...watch out....
NUMBER 7 for the month on RUN LOGGER! Yeah baby!


Alzheimer's practice

You have to wonder at times what you're doing out there. Over the years, I've given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Steve Prefontaine

We had a mix up with the NYRR and another one of our runners. Since this is our first year running this show, we ran into some problems with registering our runners into the system.

Ok, so things needed to be cleanned up tomorrow with our connection at the NYRR as we needed to get back on track and just deal with the situation.

Coaching has been keeping me very busy with each and every runner. We have been keeping in contact with all of our runners and have been keeping track of each day and every mile they have inputted through our system. We are concerned on every aspect: running, fundraising, training and just every aspect that may effect a runner in general. Emotionally and physically to transform a person to a runner is tough and we know that. You go through a very hard cycle of an emotional rollarcoaster that you have to take in strife. There will be some ups and downs, although we need to take small steps and learn from this. Every runner goes through some bad and good days, but each deal with it in different ways.

We met all at the same spot as we'll always meet up at. Some came early, while the group met up later...I guess some people met otherwise and was waiting in a different area, but we started with the group of stretches that I had recently learned as people cycled in.

The group was larger than expected...we have a great group as each time we meet we grow and get larger! This is wonderful and terrific! It's so great to see everyone out there.
So practice today consisted of running up towards Engineers gate and then doing some running drills tyhat consisted of form work and lateral movement. Why? Because it helps improve your running abilities during a marathon and your form is one of the most important things in running.

We jogged up towards engineers gate on a muggy humid afternoon and stopped as we got there...did our drills as everyone looked kind of silly, but still it was a great group! We are trying to mix it up a little here as we did these drills. Ahh so fun!

The 6 mile loop hopefully was a little different for all as we continued on and finished up. Each runner is different in their own way, we try to personalize each runner in their own way as we have these group runs to make it easier for a runner to broaden their base. By now a 6 mile loop around Central Park should feel somewhat comfortable. May it be the hills or rolling terrain, it may be challenging as well...so don't fret!

Who are you trying to compete against? You shouldn't be compelled to conpete against anyone other than yourself. Seriously a marathon is all about what one can do, if you feel frustrated, you have some high expectations. You are competing no other than yourself in many cases...and training runs are only training runs...every runner has their good and bad days.

I'm even used as a homework assignment!

"I like hills because you can see the top. I know that sounds glib, but you know that the hill is not going to keep appearing; it's there and once you get to the top, it's behind you, and you feel as though you have conquered something." Rob DeCastella, Olympic Marathoner

So, today I answered a few questions for my friend JM, who was doing a homework assignement on the economy and how people are laid off, I am guessing. I donno, that's where I come into play where I had to answer all of these crazy questions as to what has the economy effected me?

This month B has seven jobs, six roommates, and one bathroom in Midtown East. Between First and York East. Most days start at 5:50am and don't end until at least midnight for this 28-year-old, RPI-educated junior architect who now pays his rent through a dizzying combination of marathon coaching, dog sitting, and the odd, part-time office job.

After being downsized from a five- to four-day workweek in November of last year, sustaining a 20% hit to his already-modest by New York City standards salary, it was being placed on an eight-week "furlough" by his architecture firm in June—with no promises or guarantees for reemployment following this two-month, unpaid stint—that finally forced him to confront and test Walter Cannon's 1929 response theory: fight or flight?

B went with his gut. He gave notice to his two former Gramercy-area roommates and started packing for the move back to Somers, New York, a wearying but workable hour-long commute to and from the City. But three days before his father gassed up the family's silver minivan and headed into Manhattan to bring B back home, a last ditch Craigslist search revealed a Real World-esque loft apartment with too-good-to-be-true rent. It was this
fortuitous Hail Mary that enabled Brian to transcend his instincts and become The Accidental Entrepreneur.

1. B makes the same amount (if not more money) by combining unemployment compensation and his under the table odd jobs than when he was employed full-time as a junior architect, yet his stress level is much higher without the security of a near-guaranteed next paycheck. Explore ways to quantify/monetize/expand upon independence vs. stress.

2. His days are much longer but, because he's dictating his own time (working for himself), he is allowing himself to do more of what he loves, which he previously sacrificed for his employer: running, reading, and studying, along with intangibles such as thinking, reflecting, and taking
charge of his future and career.

3. Explore the psychological effects/depression/insecurities of being put in 'purgatory': neither laid-off nor employed, an eight+ week holding pattern of unrest. Where did this trend originate and how common is it? Find and interview others in similar situations.

4. In addition to recurring bills (rent, cell phone, cable, electricity), B keeps a detailed spreadsheet of every single dollar earned and spent. In 2009 he has spent an average of $700/month for all groceries, dining out, laundry, transit, running, and 'luxury' items, down from an average of $820/month in 2008. This is a 15% savings.

What gives?

What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those of us on the couch is that we learn through running to take what the days gives us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate. John Bingham, running writer and speaker

A little insite into my life as I had not written about my layoff since i had been layed off on June 15th...it was a difficult time to even blog! But this was a message that I wrote to one of my friends updating her what is going on in my life!

I had been layed off from work on a furlough period that originally the duration was suppose to be for 6 weeks, where I was suppose to collect full unemployment from mid June to late July and start back up in August...since then, my 6 weeks have turned into 8 weeks and I will be going back hopefully in mid August.

What have I been doing since then? I have been taking on a part time architecture job that basically layed me off due to the economy/ not really the skill level they were looking for...although they totally were unorganized and had a problem with scheduling me in with a "use me when they wanted me" type attitude.

I have also been working as a head coach for two non-profit organizations: Alzheimers and Team for Kids...and have recently also been picking up this pace group with ING and NYRR.

My days are crazy as I often refer myself to having my legs pay the bills, as I am always running, which hopefully I can make it to the NYC marathon. But in all necessity, I was unsure if I had told you that this year it is all about helping others. Helping others in many different ways and I am definitely fulfilling that goal with all of these activities.



I had as many doubts as anyone else. Standing on the starting line, we're all cowards. Alberto Salazar, three-time winner of the NYC marathon

Waking up early was not in the plans as JT decided not to run...so I did not either. Going to the office wasn't a problem either as I decided to catch up on some work with Alzheimer's and just regroup.

I decided to go out when I thought was the right opportunity...that's what I had thought as I was heading towards Central Park I saw that there was a huge storm cloud overhead...maybe it won't rain...I could just feel the moisture in the air though and it just felt like it was going to rain though.

I made my ways around and a little sprinkle came down...ok, I can deal with this...as I had felt with this earlier this week (last Thursday) with ST. So, no biggie!

But as the sprinkle slowly turned to rain, I continued...as the rain turned to downpour! I continued. The downpour did not stop as you can see some runner stop to go under trees and various tourist get absolutely soaked from the rain seeking refuge under trees. Lightning and thunder struck as I continued on. The roads of central park started to absolutely flood and everything was soaked. I continued and pondered the idea of doing another lap...as I was closing in on finishing the first....yes folks it literally poured for an entire lap of a 6 mile loop...crazy!

Is it me that is crazy for continuing or am I just stupid?

I continued as the rain started to subside and I continued to just run...I saw that the floods caused some sewers to overflow and that was really disgusting!

Anyways, continued on, soaked, but finished my run....pouring rain!



Running has never failed to give me great results, and that's why I keep coming back for more! Sasha Azevedo, American Actress, Athlete, and Model

So I wake up this morning to check out the NYC TRI and all the buzz that is going on. I wanted to see the transition area where all the craziness is happening and see just how crazy things were. I woke up at 6am got dressed and left the apartment. Ran through Central Parl where all the volunteers were and shot across 72nd street.

There, everything seemed to be closed off...so I needed to get down towards the transition area. As I went down the stairs, I could see all these swimmers transition from swim to bike...and those empty bike racks from yesterday...well it was all filled with bikes and transition supplies. It was madness!

I watched for a moment as loved ones waited and saw their family members transition. It's a very interesting sport as I couldn't believe people did that.

I then had to make my ways towards Columbus Circle as I was leading the long training group run today...who shows up? ST and MF...now these kids are not the beginners that I was looking for. Both these runners are quite experienced in that these ladies are very talented runners. We are talking comparable to me: both these ladies run an equivalent of a 3:10 to 3:05 female to male times...

They are very quick and even I have a tough time running with them...

But seriously, we should have just cancelled the event. Not many of the members know this, but Glen does a great job in cancelling all of his weekends plans from June to November...that's 5 months of weekends that he can not do anything....seriously! I tried to give him a weekend free though no one showed up!

Anyways, we changed the route since it was only these ladies. We decided to cheer on the tri-athletes and circle around the park. We went one way with the athletes and then switched it up as we went around again.

After, I talked with JM and NC and stuck around central park for a bit of time until I felt as though I needed to take a shower...it was nice to see the triathletes do their thing and it was very inspiring!

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Missed ST & practice LTR run...

"If you can't stay patient and hold your body back, you are going to get in trouble and suffer later. It's also hard because you know you're at the beginning of a long journey." Ryan Hall, 2008 U.S. Olympic Marathoner

Wasn't planning on running this morning due to the fact that I have been running so much everywhere, so was going to take a break....

Then I check my text message at 8am. ST had decided to text me asking if I was to run. Hmm...on the fences I think I had written to her. I couldn't make up my mind. Maybe what I told JT was true! Maybe really I am addicted to running and I couldn't say no to people.

Anyways, I was late if I was to meet up with the Saturday group. I made it about 8 minutes late and started to chase. Ok, I was at an ok speed, but still I would have seen them at this point. I still try to chase the group as I was trying to see where they were...

No prevail...ok, I definitely would have got them....was there a run today? I see JH early on, which meant that ST was somewhere in the park...

Ok, ST would not stand me up! Or would she?

I decided to do the run for the Marathon Training Program as a pre-trial, where I can get a jist of what is involved and if the mileage was correct.

It was a good thing I did, as I went down to 59th street, down towards 1st ave towards 34th street and turned outward toward the eastside river park. I had some complications when I reached the Staten Island Ferry, but made my way around the tourist and headed back up towards the West Side Highway...it was long and grueling and I was exhaused afterwards as I ended up at the transition zone for the NYC Tri tomorrow.

Just seeing the area was amazing and well the bike racks were all empty.

I walked/ran back towards the park and finished up towards home.


Underwear run

"Marathons are extraordinarily difficult, but if you've got the training under your belt, and if you can run smart, the races take care of themselves." Deena Kastor, First American woman to run a marathon under 2:20

Last year was the first time I had ever taken part in the Underwear Run. I happened to buy a very small pair of Orange "whittie tighties" and then I had to buy a size up and got a very Hot Pink pair later on...placed a logo of the Flyers on there and well...yeah, ended up that one of my friends saw me and my rear and saw the logo and ran past, wondering who from the Flyers I was...BETTER yet, the pictures presented last year during the awards dinner showcased my hot pink underwear antics, where I was mooning the whole entire club!

Oh my! Oh my! So this year since it was the economic downturn and I really wanted to get red underwear...but had to save up, I used the very small pair of orange underwear at the NYC TRI underwear run...come on! It's me and it's what I do!

I decided to try to meet up with SA beforehand to run a couple of miles and then run together during the Underwear run...although couldn't meet up with her, so I ran down the lower loop (my bag is slowly breaking) then went up the West side, thinking I was not going to make it to the start) I quickly wrapped my t-shirt that I had for afterwards around my bag, so that I would not lose anything...and then took a detour at the reservoir. I then went towards the eastern side of the park to make my ways around 72nd street transverse and towards baggage check...yeah, maybe it was a bad idea to run before (since it was so humid!)

I was dumping water all over my body as I had stopped. Water was everywhere: sweat, sweat, sweat! Uh! it was awful!

Ok, time to dress down and show what I got! BRIGHT ORANGE undies! Haha! It was quite hilarious and I was in search of my friends and teammates as I felt a little awkward standing alone, although I had also found KC and his gang of friends.

You roam around to see different people's costumes and what underwear they are wearing...very funny event. Take a few pictures here and there and well...then the race begins...very informally as it is quite funny.

The whole entire thing is quite hilarious as it is all for fun!

Pictures? Yes...pictures to follow!

NYC Tri Expo

"Tears streamed down my face as I crossed the finish line. I was a new person, a runner." Thomas King, Novelist and Broadcaster

I arrive at the Sheraton on 57th and 6th avenue right where Time Square starts for the NYC Tri expo to volunteer and just keep occupied with my life. The athletic world helps out athletes with other athletes, triathletes are no different from marathon runners...

Anyways, it was pretty amazing just the energy that these athletes have. I guess marathoners have that as well when they are walking though the expo and arriving after 4 to 6 months of training.

My job was to hand out goodie bags to the ladies...well, fold shirts and then stuff them into bags and then hand them to the ladies. I was pretty lucky that I got that sort of end out of the stick, where I got to interact with these ladies! Well, these ladies were psyched to be there picking up their things and ready to go! It was great and you can feed off of their excitement.

So we did this from 10:30 to 4:30 or rather 5pm, where it was rather pleasant. I got to hang with some amazing people as I got to know some of these volunteers. Most of these people have done triathlons and they were one up on me. They also did marathons where this was the only thing I could possibly relate to. Anyways, I chatted with them and I really got to know how athletic these people were! They were just as crazy as I was. This women told me that she biked the whole state of New Jersey! From tip to tip! How crazy is that in one day, for fun!

Ok, like I wouldn't do that...seriously!

Anyways, I strolled along seeing the expo and seeing many Flyers working the expo as well. It was great to see the transition or how many of these runners change over to the whole triathlon phenomena...I'm just a little scared of the water part...

Ok, so next on the list...the underwear run...

Morning run

"The marathon is kind of like the Ph.D. of public fitness accomplishments. There are very few times as an adult that you can go out and do something that's authentically difficult and be publicly lauded for it." Marcy in Cate Terwilliger's "Marathon Woman"

Ok, I think these morning runs are taking a toll on me, where I was late getting out of the house and was going to be late...

My legs really don't move that fast in the morning as it needs to warm up! This sprinting that I do is quite the killer on my body as I can really agitate and tear up my muscles! Uh! Ok, ease into things...

I apologies to JT about being late...I was what 4 minutes? I hoot and hollar and tell her that it was like coming 4 minutes from breaking a 3 hour marathon!

Haha! Anyways, we round out our run...harlem hills, the reservoir, then going to the lower loop...and JT tells me that she is tired? Tired! How?

Noo...wasn't I that was complaining beforehand? I was just a little upset we didn't get to see MR. PD! As every Friday he works in the NY office.

Anyways, I let it slide as I needed to get ready for the NYC TRI expo today, so I needed to go home and not be able to fall back to bed and nap!

We finished our run as always with me escorting JT back to her apartment and me scurrying back home as fast as I can...good run!



"On that day, we seemed to achieve what generations of politicians and philosophers have failed to do. With nothing more than our running shoes, we accomplished what all the wars and weapons have failed to do. We were, for a few hours anyway, a community of people whose sameness was more important than our differences." John "The Penguin" Bingham on The New York City Marathon

Supposingly, I was not suppose to run today, although with a shitty way of the different factors involved, I must say I didn't mind it much.

I was layed off again from my architecture part time job today, which in some ways it would not have worked out anyways due to the constant "let's see if we need him today" attitude and instability. I really have a daily mentality where I wanted to work everyday or when they felt as if they needed me, although I feel that they really were not ready at all to have someone work for them on red lines and what not on a "let's see basis"...really so not cool when you are expecting a contact and saying oh we don't need you today or we need you later on this week...and receiving red lines the day of or an hour before it is due or really not understanding what needed to be done...communication fella's! It would help!

Anyways, let by gones be by gones and continue on. At least hopefully my coaching jobs are secure and that will be that...till the NYC marathon that is.

So...I receive a text from ST telling me that she wanted to run. Ok. So I'll be ready...bout later in the day it was raining...ok, maybe she doesn't want to run? I was wrong! ST wanted to run, so how could I say not to...

I met ST ON THE CORNER! Anyways, she was hiding underneath the overhang talking to some of her colleagues about if she should wear her sleeves or not on her jacket...hard decision right? Well, she had to keep her blackberry and beeper out of the rain and in a zip lock bag...

No big deal! ST was use to this and by this point the rain was a mere damper on our running as this was ST's time. She vents and relaxes her time to me. We run, at a moderate pace, which to many people is quite a fast pace. We start up, zoom around engineers gate and up towards Harlem Hill...

RING! RING! Umm...ST, your phone is ringing...

She unzips her jacket and tells me that it is her intern...

Umm...aren't you going to answer that?

UH! I will wait till I finish this hill!!! UH! What does he want! This better be good!

I was wondering if a person's body was in jeopardy and quickened the pace for ST to follow so no one on the surgery table would die!

I ended at the top of the hill at the line, ST continued till the stoplight and then found a patch on the side (hair fritzed, steam just exploding out of her ears) but yes, very maddened by the timing of the call...it was the concentration of the hill and the momentum that caused her ferocious -ness to expel out of her body.

She exploded on the phone...

"What would you like?"

Wondering what was the big deal and how they can call while interrupting the training run....

Oh dear! I have not seen this before! All I know is the dear ST that is nice, charitable and personable...

I could totally see the authoritative figure of she is at the top! She's so great!

She ends up talking and then hanging up, peeved by the situation and annoyed due to the irrelevance of the call...

"Why was that not a text message"

Oh dear...time to dampen the fires! Hahaa! Kidding, we continued on and by the end of the run, it was fine. We sprinted after the sign that said 72nd street turn right...although there are three signs and we passed the first one thinking if there was another one, then we finally saw it and started sprinting! And then another....but we had already sprinted so we continued till we hit the entrance of 5th avenue.

Wheew! That was quite the run! A run in the rain, on my off day...boy!

Running way too much lately!

Nike Human Race Ambassador Application

"You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming." Anonymous

1. Commitment, enthusiasm and energy

Yes, Yes, yes…to Commitment, enthusiasm and energy…

I will be committed from that time to spread the word in all that you ask of me.
I have the enthusiasm because running is life and like life, you learn new things each day.
I have energy…running or day to day? To talking to people (as I am sociable) to energy in running a 20 miler and doing your chores 5 minutes later…I have that…Just do it!

Commitment to running is where I run a total of 50-70 miles a day, about 200-250 miles a month. People say that Central Park (& Manhattan) is a second home to me as I run double sessions. My happy hours are my long runs as I tend to bump into many people and talk with them. People tell me if I know everyone in the park as they run with me. Enthusiasm…Anything to do with running, as running is my passion. To be able to step foot in the Nike headquarters has been my dream! I am currently signed up for Hood to Coast with my local team and may be planning a trip to Eugene to check out what all the hype is about this guy called Pre? (I am only kidding!, I know him! and about amazing track and field facilities) I was a sprinter in high school and ran the 100 meter dash (11.0) and now I am doing marathons? Energy…let’s just say that with all the things that I am doing at the moment…I’m ready to take on more and would love to dabble my life to running…and name my first born Nike…So yes, I have a full time job on top of these part time jobs.
2. Your age, sex, current city of residence and your Nike+ username.

Age: 28
Sex: Male
Current City: New York City, NY

Please choose between the photos.
1) Tatt – in the back of my leg there is a tattoo of a phoenix and a dragon – distinguishing the ying and yang also having the numbers 26.2.
2) Photo – regular running photo – Regular racing attire – American flag bandana, silver sunglasses and Flyer’s Uniform
3) Kilt – the annual scottland run in nyc where running in a kilt is a fun attire for me (as it weighs 3-5 pounds)
4) Picture – Taking a picture is my specialty as this was during the Reach the Beach relay
5) Fans – During the Boston Marathon at mile 25, taking a picture with my high school friends who come out in signs every year as they made shirts as well…my fan club!

My legs are paying the bills in New York City and I am fine with that. I am a coach for two teams for the New York City marathon charity programs, Team for Kids and the Alzheimer’s Association. I currently also am part of the ING pace leading group ever Monday night’s from now till the NYC marathon. I am the marathon co-coordinator for the New York Flyers, one of the largest clubs in New York City and held a secretary position that required me to know most of my members. I have qualified for the Boston Marathon and ran it in 3:00 while carrying a camera and taking about 150+ pictures…I do that in all of my marathons as my lifetime goal is to do a marathon in every state, because I run for my grandmother who has the Alzheimer’s disease.

Running is my terms of relaxation, it’s my time where there isn’t anyone to contact me on my cell phone or disturb me with an e-mail. Running is where I can catch up with my friends, while doing a workout.

I love running for what it is, what it means and for all those people who will step foot from the couch to running their first race. That’s what the human race is all about! (as I did it last year in NYC) The human race is to let people learn about what they can do, what running can do to help their bodies, get them motivated to exercise and stay in shape. They can accomplish so much.
My goal this year was to HELP OTHERS. I have helped people from my club teammates in accomplishing their Personal Records to signing up to being a pace leader for the 3:10 pace group in the New Jersey Marathon to coaching newbie marathon runners run the New York City marathon. This year is the year to help motivate runners to get out there to accomplish their goals, may it be lifetime or a small bump in the road.

Are you up for the job? You’ll be in the running to be a Human Race Ambassador.Ambassadors will be chosen shortly after the deadline and will be notified via email. Good luck!


Morning run

"In a country where only men are encouraged, one must be one's own inspiration." Tegla Loroupe, Kenya, 1994 New York City Marathon Champion

Walking up early and having a whole cycle of running with JT has been a usual run. JT asked if I would run with her tomorrow and I said ok, as she also got in contact with PBJ. So Jos asked me if PBJ could come and I wrote an e-mail response telling her that she had to pick and chose which unemployed boy she wanted to run with...

That said, I wished it was raining in the morning as I heard small sprinkles of my imagination hitting the air conditioning unit. JT said that she would text us to bail if it was raining...but there was no rain and I had to change into my running gear.

I got out the door as my roommate was coming in (she works as a manager at the close by Strip club) but it's all good, she makes more money than I do and has a job, so I envy her.

I was out the door and started my way up to the park. Uh! My legs felt like lead, seriously I didn't run yesterday to give my legs a well deserved break and I would have thought it would be alright and refreshed...but still running in the morning still had those features of not moving fast.

I got going and picked the fastest route available along the east side of the park. I figured this is good, get to a place where no traffic can effect us. I made it up to the park and met up with PBJ...JT was late! Kidding! I just made it to the park pretty early as we started our run.

It's quite funny as we started talking and I told them that my roommate just got in. Then they raised the question of what her real job was...and I told them that I wasn't really sure, but it was sort of confirmed. I mean, we all could say that we do one thing and really do another thing right?

Then I told them that I really was not an architect or a coach. I am a male gigolo or a male stripper! They laughed, but whatever!

We ran...and it was nice and breezy as last night's rain did a little bit to cool off the weather. A nice cool run...as we also discussed about JT's NY cares...she told me that they can knit!

Ok, so that brought up the secret society of knitting club. Many of the ladies on the NY flyers are involved with this whole Knitting circle where boys are not allowed. Gosh! How rude! I mean I would knit! I am interested in learning...isn't knitting an equal equivalent hobby for guys and gals alike? I feel like an outcast....outraged! Haha!

Ok, I understand that these ladies need their gossip time and the circle of friends really sparks a bloom in their relationship...but the whole cupcake phenomena really entices me with ES's true baking skills!

Anyways, well...JT was also wondering if I was joking as well in my e-mail last night...of course I was joking! I wouldn't be limiting anyone to some runs! The only reason why I get up so early for these runs is to gain extra mileage and also get in a good run...I need a good workout besides running with the group for my coaching aspects. I also enjoy JT's company and I usually wouldn't wake up that early, but all good! It's great that JT and I are going to Oregon together for Hood to Coast as well...so we'll see if she gets sick of me before then!

Anyways....JT no worries! You're awesome and you are running really well....BQ in the mere future?

Anyways, I ran home with a stomach ache that started at the lower loop...uh! It was really hurting as I kept my composure of keeping steady and running! Uh! I understand how people have some bad running days...which means anything can happen on race day especially on the marathon...where you train 4 months, eat something bad and have a terrible race.

Eggs in one basket? I hate to say I would never do that...would I? Boston next year here I come!

Extension and Bobby Flay

"I've always liked hills. I see a challenge, a goal, and I feel instantly galvanized to achieve the goal." Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

This one is for the record books...

So, every wednesday nights I have Team for Kids practice as I am a newly coach from volunteer to assistant coach.

I recently got word that I am officially a newly "paid" coach as I was volunteering to gain reference to coaching techniques. I have been trying to broaden my running resume and trying to gain references in different aspects of training and building my own teaching techniques.

So that said, I had left my office on 13th and 8th and ran up 8th avenue towards Central Park. On my way towards Columbus Circle (right on the cusps of 8th and the circle) I hear my phone ring...

Great! Who is that? I take out my phone and look at who it is. Hmm...my office. I decide to answer, which is weird, because no one usually calls me from my office. It was one of the partner's in charge.

He doesn't beat around the bush and quickly just tells me that my furlough period of 6 weeks right now needs to be extended by another 2 weeks. I really do not know how to take it. Should I be happy where currently I am sort of enjoying myself in this Summer Time scheme of things? Or should I take it harshly where currently I am in an economic turmoil and I am hurting every little step of the way...

As I am on the phone with my partner in charge, I am walking around the lower portion towards the mouth of the park, where I see this familiar face. I had seen this person before and I couldn't place where I have seen this guy from...was he a runner, was he a Flyer? Had I seen this guy from any of my new running jobs?

I couldn't really place him anywhere and couldn't put a name to the face...so, he's right around coming straight forwards, that I give him the recommendation look and head knod, as he scurries on by.

I keep staring at him as he walks past me and it finally dazes on me where I had seen this...IRON CHEF! He's a famous CHEF!!! It was BOBBY FLAY!


I continue on and meet up with the Team for Kids staff. Man! That was quite exciting. But the Team for Kids welcomed me as an official coach as 60+ people arrived on a weekday! That is crazy! Seriously!

As ww stretched, broke out into different workout groups and started out, I was assigned to a newbie 10 minute mile group as we were doing 2-1, 2-1, 3-2 acceleration drills. It helped them, they realy liked it even though it was tough...this whole coaching this is quite rewarding where you really help people along the way, offer them tips and overall a wonderful experience!

Ahh! So nice!


Making money or Yankees Game?

You don't need a reason - you need a road. Believe in the run. Nike ad

Ok, decisions...looked like a crappy day in NYC and the rain was a sprinkle and then rain at points in time...

I had bought my Yankees tickets like 3 months ago when they first came out and even that I couldn't get that great of some tickets...but I wanted to go and I needed to make a decision on the Alzheimer's Run2Remember team practice or to the baseball game.

Rational came down to a pick or choose, but really in true meaning I needed to have a life. I had been freaking out, nervous, driving myself insane and well...

I needed a mental break from all this economy and other facts.

So instead of making money and fighting for a cause and helping others with their running abilities, I chose to have fun in watching the Yankee game...

The stadium was gorgeous and I was not even sure if the game was going to be played. But they did and I had a great time with my college buddy NH, who ran with me in the Broad Street Run.

Oh yes, the best part...the family next to me had two children and it was hilarious to see them asking questions about the players, them eating cotton candy, and them repeating a "bad" word after their father said it...

SON: "Dad, you said a bad word"

FATHER: "No, I didn't there son...what did I say?"

SON: "Yes you did. You said shit dad!"

Kids, they are so hilarious!


Early wake up!

Tough times don't last but tough people do. A.C. Green, Retired NBA Basketball Player

Ok, so last night I did it again. I committed to an early wake up that felt horrible in the beginning, yet satisfying in the end.

Waking up was a pain in the butt at 5:50 am in the morning. I was to meet up with JT at 6:30am at Engineers Gate, but that is always painful because I put myself in this whole state of frenzy due to me waking up a little later or me lackadazing around and then I have to make up the time differential with my legs...

And trust me, my legs these days don't move that fast in the morning...especially with the large amounts of running programs that I am taking on.

So getting to engineers gate from 60th street is always a challenge in the morning as I always tend to leave my apartment close to 6:10...2 miles, 20 minutes...sure that is doable in a straight up shot anywhere else, although you are in NYC and with the traffic lights the cars and the swerving in and out of streets, making it there in time is pretty slim...or just making it there ontime is amazing...

This morning, I took a route right against the parl which allowed me to bi-pass all of the cars and lights...I made it right in time where JT just arrived as well...

We spotted each other and kept on running as we met up. I slowed down to JT's pace as she is a slower runner than I, although again, I did not mind it at all to go at a slower pace. She had her new Jack Rabbit's marathon GU promotional shirt on (which I had boughten on Saturday after my volunteering and she had seen me and screamed out my name while they (JT and LG) were at an outdoor eating area having brunch and stopped me running. Anyways, last week during our friday run, JT also tells me that she needs new sneakers...and today? She shows up in a new line of sneakers!

She tells me about how she thought she was an over pronator and how she found out that she was neutral. She also changed the line of sneaker brands from Asics to Brooks...and we'll see how the change of the sneakers will do...although after the run, JT really had a problem with her foot. She thought she was boring me to death, but NOPE I actually like that sort of thing!

Anyways...we did a very fast loop around Central Park as I was telling JT, why are we running so fast? She was smokin'...which she really never usually goes this fast! Damn!

Anyways, we finished up and she finally realizes when we were running home as we stopped in the middle of Park Avenue that we did the run in 45 minutes! Crazy!

Anyways, this just proves that JT can go superfast and not even know it...seriously! She even kept the conversation going at times which was amazing!

I went home, tried to avoid the bed as much as possible as I took out my laptop to do some Alzheimers things...BOOM!

Asleep for a short nap...


Nose bleeds

I try to think of myself as an apple tree. Time is not linear, it moves in circles. Come spring, I will bloom again. Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Ok, so not the greatest thing to start off your morning as I started off mine with a nose bleed. Uh! Carefully get out of bed...a little light headed afterwards and uh! I'm blaming this one on the lack of sleep and attention I am giving to my body. It's been quite the killer instincts that I have been well, not taking care of my body correctly...but I need to as my legs are now paying the bills.

So coming home late last night from a round about tour of bars from a bachelor's party, I quickly eat something and quickly go to bed as well...since today I needed to wake up early for the Flyer's MT program...why did I do this again?

I have th greatest respect for GW as he has done an incredible job with this program and have selflessly put his marathonning to the side for all others. I think and am finding that it has really broken up a whole lot of things. Your stride is shot, you wake up earlier, your weekend plans are shot, social life is shot (except for runners)...but your helping others...a huge sacrifice from June to November...

It's a long ways till November...

Anyways, head out of my apartment and gingerly run up towards 88th and Lex (where GW was going to pick me up) I wonder why he just doesn't ask me to just run up a few more blocks to his apartment... but I do what I am told and just sit and observe...it's fun to watch people, especially on a Sunday morning where you see the strangest things...a man feeding flocks of pigeons with old bread, a child going in and out of a store, just running around, dog walkers doing their daily routine....

Uh! Finally we head up to Van Cortland park, as our MT program has sought out to follow what we had put there...a long run. Hills here and there although we tackled them as a group, I do love hills though and as we went up, there was no question that you had to go down...sprinting down as you let your body loose, although you can do this when you are on the trails, rather than the roads. We got out of the hills and back into the flats...trail running straight on a bike path. I felt a little hungry, but that subsided and we grouped up as the 4 (AW, LL, MT) and I basically strolled on our speedy pace. We were moving and booking', we ended up having some great conversations and at our talking comfort pace it was an ok, hot day. We ended up doing 13 for the day and then rested as everyone else came in. Wheew! It was a hot day as wew stretched in the shade to get out of the sun. Brutal!

Everyone enjoyed the good run in the end and wheew! Good thing there was water!


Your shorts Brian...

Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don't have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up. Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Woke up this morning with an agenda, where I was suppose to take pictures for all three teams of minr: the flyers, the alzheimers and team for kids...although I was suppose to get in some miles beforehand and wanted to do at least 12 before the race, though I woke up about 45 minutes after...

Opps! Ok, quickly get changed and got a banana and out the door...started to run...WHEN...

I started to feel something different. What the hell? Seriously why is my shorts inner lining part riding up my ass?

Seriously, I felt as though I was putting on a thong or something and my underwear was riding up my ass!

I look down...ok, that's the real reason. I had my shorts on backwards. Very funny! Seriously, I don't know where my mind has been...

I make it up to the park, run my usual 6 miles, then an extra loop around the lower loop, then I am observing. Ok., where are my alzheimers teammates?

I can't find them and search for other people like my Flyer teammates. So, I went to my usual spot on 72nd street, although TNT was there as they are a HUGE cheering section squad. I didn't want to compete as they were there for the Achilies race as well.

The race starts, I snap as many photos of the start as I could, because it is a 4 mile race it is tough for me to filter people from the start! It's just too bunched up and you just miss so many people! Anyways, first and foremost Alzheimers group, then the Flyers and then Team for Kids...

I ended up getting a bunch of photos of people as the crowd seemed like it never ended...then to the finishline. Gosh it seems as though I am swimming in water today it is that humid! Aweful! I got a few people from our Run 2 Remember team and looked more intently than ever at the finish...

I saw a few of my teammates and a few friends finish and then they got more and more difficult. I went to the end as groups were forming, and looked for my Alzheimer's team. JL was there as I found) as we tried to answer as many questions as possible that she had. We then met up with AE who also had a few questions.

Things are coming togther for our team as we wrote out our coaches e-mails, asking how the various members were doing. We reached out to all of our out of state members and most of our in city members, just conerned in how their training is going.

After the race when all was done, I went up to pull some weeds and help clean up Central Park, as Central Park turns 150? Wow!

Anyways, long morning...need a nap and yes, I did end up changing or re-arranging my shorts...after the race was over of course! Opps!


Early wake up!

If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn't run hard enough. Steve Jones, Welsh athlete and former marathon record holder

Wake up at 5:45am this morning to find that I had made a promise last night to JT. That was to wake up early and meet at the engineers gate to go out for a run.

So I got up, pretty much easy and put on my running shoes, clothes and any other gagets that I have...and pretty much out the door. It was pretty nice, but muggy and the moist air was like running in water. The sun was out and I just started to run up 1st ave. I made it up to 89th and then turned...up hill! Ok, let's go legs!

I met up with JT right on time as it took quite a while to get up there about 30 minutes for 2 miles? Is that right? Maybe not....

But anyways, we met up and I apologized for being "late" as I always like to be ontime but the whole NYC atmosphere is tough to do that with. We talked as we rounded around the park. It was muggly, wet and uh HOT! But it felt good to be out so early in the morning that I would love to do this daily!

We see PD around the bottom half as I am talking loudly and I am guessing he heard my voice...OPPS!

Anyways, we made it up towards 80th street and cut out of the park as JC lives around there....I took her home as we were rolling...

She is still on the fences about her marathon training as we discussed mostly about Hood to Coast and about life...

I ran home after and basically went across the street to get some liquids to recharge and get some breakfast in me....

Ahh! This is life! What a morning as I showered and snoozed back into bed...then more Alzheimers stuff to take care of!


Fast Times for Unemployed Runners

Running has gone beyond fitness. The jogging movement, which began as a pursuit of health, has become an experiential quest. George Sheehan

Fast Times for Jobless Runners

As Unemployed Amp Up Their Training, Marathon Results and Participation Rise

Longtime runner Ray Gobis posted a 3:09 at the Boston Marathon in April—his personal best. The cause wasn’t a new training technique or the perfect weather. It was because Mr. Gobis got laid off.

“Other people might go into a cocoon or something. Me, I’ve done the opposite,” says the 47-year-old Mr. Gobis, who lost his job in November as director of operations for a printing company. With his new-found leisure time, he has amped up his regimen to 60 miles a week and joined a competitive running group.

Americans might be poorer, but they certainly aren’t slower. With the economy in the doldrums, more people are discovering that without those 12-hour workdays, they’re able to pursue fitness goals like never before. Marathons, triathlons and road races are filling up in record time.

Some evidence suggests that laid-off marathon runners are actually helping push up the level of competition within their age groups. Olympic-level competition could even go up because more elite athletes coming out of college are opting to pursue their athletic goals rather than look for work in a dismal job market.

Getty Images

Runners in the 2008 Boston Marathon, which like other endurance races, has seen the number of entries increase since the recession.

The effect on races around the country is difficult to quantify. But by one benchmark, marathoners have gotten faster.Athlinks.com, a Web site that tracks millions of race results, says 2009 has seen marathon times improve in nearly every age category. Using the 2010 Boston Marathon qualifying times as a baseline, the site looked at marathon results to see how many runners would qualify today based on previous races. The conclusion: This year alone, 4.6% of marathoners have run times that would make them eligible for Boston—a 39% increase over 2008.

Curiously, performance times in the past six years peaked in 2006, then slipped in 2007 and 2008. Troy Busot, who runs Athlinks, says that could be because the job market was bad enough in 2007 and 2008 that people had less time to train and were under more stress. “I think quality started to drop when people were like, ‘Uh oh,’ and had a little bit of anxiety,” says Mr. Busot.

Then in late ’08 and into 2009, extensive layoffs gave runners more time to train and, in some cases, less stress. “I guess the ones who don’t have a job will get faster and the ones who are desperately clinging to a job will get slower,” he says.

Adding to the significance of the speedier marathon times is the fact that 2009 has seen a big jump in participation, up 5.1% this year, according to Athlinks. More participation means more beginners, and slower times. Simply speaking, times should be slowing down, not speeding up.

Participation in marathons and triathlons can be costly, too. The New York City Triathlon, which costs $225 to enter, filled up in 22 minutes this year, compared to eight hours last year.

“People need structure in their lives,” says John Korff, director of the race. “They can’t just sit around all day.”

Zach Goldman, a triathlete from San Diego, describes himself as “funemployed.” Mr. Goldman, who was recently laid off from his high-paying commercial real-estate job, says he has enough time to train nearly full time and enough money saved up to travel the world racing and figuring out what he wants to do with his life–which is probably not commercial real estate. “That wasn’t all that fulfilling,” he says. “I’d like to do something more meaningful with my life,” he says—ideally in a career that will allow him to train longer hours. Mr. Goldman is currently in Israel, competing in the Maccabi Games, an international competition for Jewish athletes.

Rob Vermillion, executive director of the Oregon Track Club Elite, which trains Olympic hopefuls, says elite track-and-field athletes coming out of college these days are more likely to pursue their athletic careers because the job market is so slow.

“The economy is so terrible that they might as well run,” he says. As a result, Mr. Vermillion says the team, which caps membership at 20 people, has had to cut world-class runners who would in all other years make the cut with no problem.

To Mr. Vermillion, the economy may be a good problem. Track events in the Oregon area have become much more competitive because of the economy, he says. “I would be willing to go out on a limb and say the overall quality nationwide has improved,” he says, “and naturally, increased competition increases performance.”

When Chris Bennett was training as a runner, living in Palo Alto, Calif., in 1999, he had to make a tough decision: Live the life of a pauper to continue training and have a shot at one day winning a gold medal, or go into business during the IPO craze of the late 1990s. “You were giving up millions in stock options to chase the Olympic dream,” says Mr. Bennett, who eventually gave up his running career for a big paycheck in finance. Nowadays, he says, the decision is a lot easier–young athletes should just go for it, he says. “You’re not giving up as much because the economy is so bad,” he says.

Of course the full effects of the economy on amateur athletics are still a bit murky. And if the hiring outlook improves, the high participation levels could be just a small blip on the radar screen.

But the changing economic landscape could forever alter the way Americans view recreational and competitive athletics, as more people discover the joys of training and competing.

IDEA Health and Fitness, a fitness-industry association, says average gym membership went up 18% this year, to 3,394 from 2,866 last year, at the group’s member clubs.

Even in Michigan, where the economy has been particularly harsh, a new business promoting multisport events is holding its own. Eva Solomon says she thought she was “an idiot” to leave her stable job as a grade-school teacher to start a company, EST Events, during the worst economic crisis in a generation. But she figured things like triathlons were “recession proof.”

The first event she and her business partner put on, the “She Rocks” women’s triathlon, nearly filled up, with more than 400 women participating.

“I was blown away when I got home from the race and within two hours, I was getting letters from people thanking me for asking them to pay $80 to swim, bike and run,” she says. For the company’s next event, Ms. Solomon is considering offering a discount for people who can prove they’ve been laid off in the past six months.

Claudia Becque was distraught when she was laid off in January. Then she ran a 2:44 marathon time, slashing 14 minutes off her previous personal record—and close to Olympic level.

She’s now employed as a clinical research specialist for a medical devices company in Chicago. But her month of rest, relaxation and hard training have gotten her thinking: Maybe she should stay unemployed. She’s considering moving to a part-time job with her company, and all her friends are pushing her to do it. “Claudia, this is a sign. You need to just run.”


ING pace group

Remember that if you don't go to the starting line, you will never view the whole course with all its possibilities. And you will certainly never see the glories of the finish line. Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Ok, so really I don't know what was wrong with me today. I woke up so early from the exhaustion of waking up early yesterday that I went to bed early last night and woke up early this morning! Ok, so 5:30 is not early, but still...it really is to my 6:30 wake ups that are usual.

So, I wake up do my thing and then go back to bed till say...8ish. Get up and mozy around, clean things up and pack my things for the day. I find that I don't have work today, though I have an interview with Team for Kids for a coaching position...

Ok, where does that put me?

Part time (on call) architecture job

Part time (Monday) ING cafe pace group leading

Part time (Tuesday and Saturday) Alzheimers: Run2Remember coaching

Part time (Wednesday) Team for Kids

Thursdays - individual coaching gig that starts in August

Friday - free

Sunday - Long training runs: New York Flyers

Yup, that's my weekly schedule from now till The New York City Marathon...so...just have to deal with it because I don't currently have a job.

So I leave my apartment thinking all gung ho about going to my job (old job to do work). I walk intensely watching people as they walk, they zip past and all business attired. I am just taking my time and zipping through streets, back and forth...all I am thinking about is setting some schedules up for certain people on the Alzheimer's team. I am thinking just complete that...

I reach 27th street and 8th ave when I realize that I have a meeting at 11am with Team for Kids and it's on the East side! What am I crazy!

Why on earth would I go down to the lower west side and only spend an hour at work, then have to go back up for the interview and walk back up? That didn't make any sense...

But well, nothing made sense these days.

I realized this and turned back around, very much in a confused state of matter, thinking to myself, why did I just do that?

I needed to pee...

So I turned back and was on my ways back home when I stopped into Bryant Park. Ohh...so beautiful. I peed, then since I was there, I did a little work and just enjoyed the view.

The sprinklers were out as you watched them go back and forth. I sat in the warmth of the sun, the green grass and trees nestled around the city as the city was in the background...it was actually serene...really nice!

I took my sweet time in enjoying the atmosphere a little too much as I had been contemplating on wearing my sandles to the interview or going back home and wearing my black shoes...

Decision, go back home and wear my black shoes. That meant pick it up and try to make it back in time to change shoes and make it back down to my interview in like 20 min to half an hour. Crazy me...

It was hot out and I made it home with about 5-10 minutes to spare...which meant I would be late for my interview! Oh man! Stupid me! I change, get my items that I need and quickly speed on out.

It was hot out and I sprinted towards 51st street. Running in black shoes, yeah....sure. I make it there about a little late and got ID ed and went up the first available elevator...umm...I was suppose to go up to the 11th floor and this only took me up to the 9th...

Oh dear! Ok, so I went up, then went down and waited for the elevators that was going to take me to the 11 the floor...I saw a service elevator and went in, but the security guard quickly told me to get out...ok, now I feel dumb...here I am sweating my ass off and I am making the most stupid decisions today...

I quickly get into the elevator and am on my ways up...ok, then it makes multiple amounts of stops, me thinking it is my stop EVERY single time! What is wrong with me!

This is crazy! Anyways, I finally get there in a pool of sweat and try to quickly dry off...

Oh man! Really this is going great! The interview went well as they had seen my technical skill in my progression of running and coaching skills. They were impressed about that and was also impressed about various people talking very highly of me...they wanted to see me in person though and wanted to see my personality. I can totally understand that as I try to be as personable as possible. Technically, they welcomed me into the family and gave me the job opportunity and had me fill out various forms. They still wanted to talk to two other references for varification of how my work ethic was and how I was as a person.

No problem. I left thinking that this was great! Wednesday's are in the bag and I had been volunteering for the various days and finally I will get paid instead of volunteering. I mean, it's wonderful to volunteer, but getting paid during these economic times is even better!

I got back home, ate lunch and geared back to my running gear. I wouldn't be caught dead trying to walk down again today and making a bad move. Iran down toward my office and got some work done for the Alzheimer's group. Afterwards, ran again towards the ING cafe, hopefully today there would be more people than just two!

More people than just two arrived as D had included her LAX team into the knowledge that these group runs existed and that I was a cute single guy...hahaa! Very flattering...so, yes, we had different people at different paces. By that time the pacers had spit up into different groups and one did the 5 mile loop in central park and the other did two lower loops in the park. Hot, humid and sticky, but these runs are more rewarding than ever because it simply is rewarding in the aspects of helping others...it's such a great feeling.

As we gotten back from the run, most people really enjoyed how the pace and groups were structured. It was good, but the group that we had ran quite fast! Wow, it's getting quite challenging!

In the end, ended our goup session with some goodies as the night was great!

2nd ING group run in the bag!


Long Training Run (LTR)

Love yourself, for who and what you are; protect your dream and develop your talent to the fullest extent. Joan Benoit Samuelson

Wake up before my alarm at 5:30am as I will be doing a 20 miler today at a 7:30 pace. Got all of my things together as I had gotten an ok kind of sleep, well, my new roommate (yes, one of the 7) came in to my room to tell me an amazing story that happened to her that night...I didn't mind it much and it was all good. So no biggie!

Anyways...got up and attem' where I gathered my things to wear and what to wear afterwards because a bunch of us had figured we needed to get together to have brunch...to chat, eat together and just mingle. Anyways, before that...we have to run 20 miles for our club...which has an amazing deal with the NYRR in helping our with both the Long Training Runs (LTR) for the NYC marathon. Our club is the largest club in the NYC area and have the crazy ranges of all distance, speed (pace) and personalities! It's a nice mix and we can supply the NYRR with all paces and multiple groups.

I head out the door and begin to run up towards the park...yes, I am crazy! Yes, I already know that...as I head up 1st Avenue at 6am in the morning, I feel that I own the road. It's amazing and come marathon Sunday, well...it will be packed with people.

I see fellow flyer, MD out on first avenue, she was calling for a cab though and asked if I had wanted to get in. I thoughtfully refused and continued on. (I hope she didn't think anything of it and I appreciated the offer!)

Anyways, I got up to the park and there were many flyers there. It was absolutely great to see everyone there as we had a great time seeing everyone. I say this because the group runs/races, you only see a certain amount of people and to see everyone doing something for the club is absolutely great!

Anyways, I talk with GW about a bunch of items ranging from coaching with TFK and how his marathonning is going. I still am wondering if he needs a pacer for the mohawk marathon as I offered to run along side of him and drag him across the finish line to head to Boston.

We all got together to have a little run down from EA and JM. Then we all dispersed to our own individual pace groups.

Ok, we were ready to rock and roll as PD sends a guy my way and tells him that I am the Marathong Guru...WHAT? Well, I try to answer his questions and try to give him some advice about it...then the 6 group leaders for the 7:30 pace group: PD, RA, JD, EF, AW and I set our sights to do the best that we could to keep on pace. As the loops go 6, 5, 5 and 4 totalling to a 20 miler.

We had MW(CEO of the NYRR) in our group, so keeping to the pace was really important as we were kidding around saying we were like school kids when the principal or super intendant comes into your classroom and you are super good. We were pretty dead on as we rounded out 6 miles...then 5 miles...then another 5 miles....16 and PD drops! Then all of us fall apart on the last lap...different runners want to go different paces and want to finish up in a hurry...so, group leaders are everywhere...EF is ahead of me as we round off 2 miles in 14 minutes...well off of by a minute (actually 45 seconds) and JD in back of me...it was pure chaos! But we had a great group as we finished up our 20 miler.

We stayed till the end as other groups finished and we were just being supportive and just chatted with one another since it was a beautiful day!

Then brunch!

Saturday Morning Run

"Keeping my eye on today is about all I'm capable of. And today, I think I'll go for a run." John Bingham, "Back to the Future," Runner's World

So, wake up early this morning because ST was going to run 12 miles and how can I resist that? I have to save my legs for the 20 miler tomorrow, but hopefully I won't be going so fast...

I run toward Central Park to the 72nd street transverse, get a dabble of water and wait on the bench...I thought I was going to be waiting for ST for a while, so I brought my Blackberry to Blog...but as soon as I started, she was there...pink and pretty and ready to go...I wasn't as awake as she was, but we soon got going.

We chatted as we ran as always about different things from running topics to breakfast....we soon saw an Asian guy in thermal tights, we wondered...why tights when it is 50+ degrees? Seriously? He then turned as we passes him and we both said, Loh, he's Asian...which somehow made up for the silliness!"

We sped up, slowed down and just ran around a loop before everyone else joined at 9am...as I said hello to most of my friends in the park. I thought it was hilarious that ST thinks I can be Mr. popular (like LH) in Central Park...or was that you JH?

Anyways, as we stop at the Boat house for water before, we saw SS running in the opposite direction. I screamed out his name and he looked really confused like who is calling me? I love that! It's crazy! We met up with everyone, then started out on another loop around the park. ST sped up as I was talking to her boy, JH. I haven't been to these Saturday runs in a while and now that I moved up to Sutton Place...it's crazy! ST and I buzzed through as we continued to chat about random things such as people walking across the street and waiting on street corners for the pedestrian light to change, to the weather, to I donno what!

It was fun and getting hotter as we finished strong towards 72nd street...

We finished a good 12 at an extreme pace of a good number and ST never gives up...we'll see come marathon time if she is good for the challenge of running the marathon for a goal time...she can do it...just has to make sure if she will be running it or not...