2009 miles in 2009? - July...

"It is a sublime thing to suffer and be stronger." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American Poet and Educator

Yeah...as days slowly linger on...I slowly move up...

NICK...this month is umm...yeah...

Never do this at home folks...
Moving up to Number 5 on Run Logger!

Yeah and socks...answered some questions from Running lounge and got free socks...

questions answered:
How do quality, name-brand running socks differ from each other?

Quality branded socks do differ in many ways. Although I do not discriminate towards any sock that I am wearing for work and care not to change into a new pair to run due to just the laziness and laundry issues.

Quality brands have more of an emphasis towards certain regions of the foot. Also the sock wraps around the foot better with dri-fit technology compared to non-branded socks.

Name brand socks all try to have a different quality or region about them that they try to get people to buy their product. May it be those socks that never get the soaking feeling and "keeps you dry" on the inside when you run outside, or may it be helping in an anti-blistering technology, they all are different in their own ways.

What goes into the design and construction of great socks?
I certainly like the snug feel. I like a non bulky/ cushiony feel to it. The thinner set and snug feel, I feel is the better sock for me. I know how some people like the feel of more cushioning. Anti-blistering and anti smell (anti fungal, deodorant, etc) is also important...but I certainly go for a thinner set of Asic socks.

What mistake do runners make in selecting socks?

I think most runners go for a cheaper sock. They don't think that sometimes the displacement within your sock may be the problem to the blistering or how your foot reacts to the road or shoe.

Why is it the smallest, lightest weight, and least expensive running gear we wear means so much to us?

I think maybe the sock is what we think is just the in between portion of our running digression. The shorts / shirt, hat, bandanna, sunglasses are what people see, the shoes are for the comfort level and what we would pay the most out of and I think we lose sight of since we pay so much for the shoes, we do not want to pay so much for the socks.

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Stephanie said...

you realize that most of the kids you're in competition with (notice use of the word, "kids") are in high school, right? Just throwin' that out there for you to think about. haha! -Pean