Early rise...

"Marathons are great, particularly if you run one or two a year." Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Woke up super early this morning due to the sunrise...it's so nice being up with the sun that you really don't notice how early it is. But yes, soon AD awoke, then people followed knowing that others were up...well, I guess they were being considerate since I was in the common room.

But yes, we ate breakfast, then sailed off into the fog...and what a crazy experience that was. There were boats traveling so closely and horns into the fog telling people where you were...sailboats nearly colliding with us at a perpendicular angle, big tanker boats that buzzed along and followed us...man, it was crazy!

Soon enough though we came along the shores of East Hampton, where we settled down, anchored in and ate lunch. After lunch, we played in the water...as most of us endured the chilly waters...soon after, AD and I were brought to shore by Mr D and dropped off like military people on a mission. We were on a mission with Running shoes and our mission was to find the main part of town.

We started running on twist and turned roads, not really knowing where the main part of town was...we got closer and asked the postman how many miles there were...he told us 2 more miles...so we ran on...

We thought we were in a smaller town, though AD went on...ok, 3.5 miles...we went in more and wow, there was a small town and main road...it was pretty packed with yuppish ladies and stores and well...


Ok, we have to go there, even though I don't have a sweet tooth...kind of strange, I know. But yes it was good! After we strolled around, we went to the ice cream place and I got a one scooper, which was actually HUGE! AD got an Ice Tea and we strolled around a little more until I was done with my Ice Cream...AD was worried that I just ate my ice cream and I wanted to run....yes, RUN!

AD was very concerned about my stomach and how it would react to my ice cream...but all was well, as I also talked on my phone on the run as well...

I was actually enjoying myself as I could still feel the remnants of the constant swaying from boat to land...the constant swaying was ever so slight in my run as well...very strange.

Anyways...we arrived back at the landing, Mr. D came back to pick us up and we strolled back in as supper was starting. Gosh, that's super efficiency there...we ate and then had a night cap with some refreshments up on the top part (helm?)

Super fun! Watched the moon glisten against the water as the sun came down and had an amazing sunset...

This was way too cool...we awaited till 9pm to see if there were any fireworks on display, but without avail, there were none and slowly people started getting ready to go to bed.

What an amazing day!

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