Early wake up!

Tough times don't last but tough people do. A.C. Green, Retired NBA Basketball Player

Ok, so last night I did it again. I committed to an early wake up that felt horrible in the beginning, yet satisfying in the end.

Waking up was a pain in the butt at 5:50 am in the morning. I was to meet up with JT at 6:30am at Engineers Gate, but that is always painful because I put myself in this whole state of frenzy due to me waking up a little later or me lackadazing around and then I have to make up the time differential with my legs...

And trust me, my legs these days don't move that fast in the morning...especially with the large amounts of running programs that I am taking on.

So getting to engineers gate from 60th street is always a challenge in the morning as I always tend to leave my apartment close to 6:10...2 miles, 20 minutes...sure that is doable in a straight up shot anywhere else, although you are in NYC and with the traffic lights the cars and the swerving in and out of streets, making it there in time is pretty slim...or just making it there ontime is amazing...

This morning, I took a route right against the parl which allowed me to bi-pass all of the cars and lights...I made it right in time where JT just arrived as well...

We spotted each other and kept on running as we met up. I slowed down to JT's pace as she is a slower runner than I, although again, I did not mind it at all to go at a slower pace. She had her new Jack Rabbit's marathon GU promotional shirt on (which I had boughten on Saturday after my volunteering and she had seen me and screamed out my name while they (JT and LG) were at an outdoor eating area having brunch and stopped me running. Anyways, last week during our friday run, JT also tells me that she needs new sneakers...and today? She shows up in a new line of sneakers!

She tells me about how she thought she was an over pronator and how she found out that she was neutral. She also changed the line of sneaker brands from Asics to Brooks...and we'll see how the change of the sneakers will do...although after the run, JT really had a problem with her foot. She thought she was boring me to death, but NOPE I actually like that sort of thing!

Anyways...we did a very fast loop around Central Park as I was telling JT, why are we running so fast? She was smokin'...which she really never usually goes this fast! Damn!

Anyways, we finished up and she finally realizes when we were running home as we stopped in the middle of Park Avenue that we did the run in 45 minutes! Crazy!

Anyways, this just proves that JT can go superfast and not even know it...seriously! She even kept the conversation going at times which was amazing!

I went home, tried to avoid the bed as much as possible as I took out my laptop to do some Alzheimers things...BOOM!

Asleep for a short nap...

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