Morning run

"The marathon is kind of like the Ph.D. of public fitness accomplishments. There are very few times as an adult that you can go out and do something that's authentically difficult and be publicly lauded for it." Marcy in Cate Terwilliger's "Marathon Woman"

Ok, I think these morning runs are taking a toll on me, where I was late getting out of the house and was going to be late...

My legs really don't move that fast in the morning as it needs to warm up! This sprinting that I do is quite the killer on my body as I can really agitate and tear up my muscles! Uh! Ok, ease into things...

I apologies to JT about being late...I was what 4 minutes? I hoot and hollar and tell her that it was like coming 4 minutes from breaking a 3 hour marathon!

Haha! Anyways, we round out our run...harlem hills, the reservoir, then going to the lower loop...and JT tells me that she is tired? Tired! How?

Noo...wasn't I that was complaining beforehand? I was just a little upset we didn't get to see MR. PD! As every Friday he works in the NY office.

Anyways, I let it slide as I needed to get ready for the NYC TRI expo today, so I needed to go home and not be able to fall back to bed and nap!

We finished our run as always with me escorting JT back to her apartment and me scurrying back home as fast as I can...good run!

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