Happy 4th of July!

"The true runner is a very fortunate person. He has found something in him that is just perfect." George Sheehan

Ok, so this may be extreme, where I woke up super early just to watch the sunrise and took some amazing shots with my camera!

This experience has taught me so much about living conditions. The Tucket (the D's boat) is so amazing! It's so efficient and living in the nautical terms of being efficient and efficiency really makes you aware of: water, energy, space of storage and space for people, architecturally it is amazing that it is efficient in space and the interior detaining is well appreciated from this architect.

All said and done, this experience is so fun!

Ok, too early...no one else is awake and everyone is still sleeping (doubt it, probably being considerate for everyone else and staying in bed like me...but I was up at 5am!)

Pure craziness...love it though!

So everyone arose as we ate breakfast and then boated off to a new place. I actually got to do the calculations as the steering was done by AD...we were headed to Shelter Island as we went to different harbors here and there...AD went straight into the water as soon as we had gotten there and the water was a little chillier than the other place.

I chose not to go in, though AD's parents again was not shy...it was COLD!

AD then taught me how to do a few knots as I had learned the figure 8, the half coeclile(?) the one that has to do with a rabit's hole and others...

Anyways, after they were good with swimming we had lunch...and then chilled, reading, relaxing and resting...really it was quite the serine day...

As noon turned into 3pm and AD and I decided that we should go into town if we wanted to go and should go running. So, we got into the dingy and were on our way to shore as AD splish splashed her way...(although, I think she was getting back at me for splashing her at the DASH race) which we both did together.

Anyways, we finally got onto shore as I helped AD with the raft, although didn't think I was helping out too much since I had no clue what I was doing anyways...

So, we tied and secured everything, now for the run. We made it around ok through roads, hills and scenery/harbors...but we got to a point where we were about 2 more miles into town (accordingly to a runner). We were not going to do that, since we already had done 3.5 miles and we were not going to push it more than 7-8 miles, especially since we ran the same distance yesterday and our legs were pretty beat. We had pretty much a whole lot of fun along the run though as we were pretty much going into a ritzy town with beautiful homes and what came over me? I have no clue, but the proper English tone came abouts where AD and I were talking and reading every sign available...in an English tone! Oh hilarious!

As we came back, we were dreading going up the large hills that we had dearly came down as we started. We got to the rocky areas where we quickly turned over our sneakers for barefeet (me) and wet sneaks (AD).

We tried to start up the engine for the dinky, but the first time was a charm, though, I didn't get in-intime...so it died. And starting it back up was difficult...so ROWING was the only option, after AD had told me to get into the boat, get out of the boat...haha! Ok, which is it? But yes, I was holding down the boat as she tried to mowder it back up (as she accidentally hit me in the head...no worries there AD)...but we rowed, and we had about a two mile rowing trip to the boat...where it was TWO for me and ONE for you...as AD was frustrated (as would I be, but I had no clue about any of this boating experience, so she was the expert and I was the newbie)...

So...she told me Two of hers to One of mine because "obviously you are stronger than I am", but I really wasn't...we should wsork together here am! Ok, we got out to a moring (which is this big floatation ball out in the bay where boats anchor to and rent out) I told AD that I wanted to see one up close! I tried to keep the spirits up, but it was all good...

A kind Guy and son actually offered to tow us intoward AD's boat...it was frustrating, although we were lucky and gracious! It's a good feeling when you get people to help you out in stressful times, as you help out others when it is stressful to you...what goes around, comes around and it just means to be kind to others as others will be kind to you.

It was a blessing because I think AD would have thrown me overboard, if we kept on rowing...and we would have taken a bit of time.

The rest of the night we ate dinner (as still I am impressed with the cooking abilities of this magical boat!) and watched the "fireworks" around the area as the town's fireworks were not till next weekend...but it was still amazing to see the sunset, the moonlite sky on the ocean and the stars above....

God bless America!

Happy July 4th!

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Amy D. said...

OK, you were really nice to me there... considering that you took the brunt of my anger with the outboard. Thanks, Bri :)