Long Training Run (LTR)

Love yourself, for who and what you are; protect your dream and develop your talent to the fullest extent. Joan Benoit Samuelson

Wake up before my alarm at 5:30am as I will be doing a 20 miler today at a 7:30 pace. Got all of my things together as I had gotten an ok kind of sleep, well, my new roommate (yes, one of the 7) came in to my room to tell me an amazing story that happened to her that night...I didn't mind it much and it was all good. So no biggie!

Anyways...got up and attem' where I gathered my things to wear and what to wear afterwards because a bunch of us had figured we needed to get together to have brunch...to chat, eat together and just mingle. Anyways, before that...we have to run 20 miles for our club...which has an amazing deal with the NYRR in helping our with both the Long Training Runs (LTR) for the NYC marathon. Our club is the largest club in the NYC area and have the crazy ranges of all distance, speed (pace) and personalities! It's a nice mix and we can supply the NYRR with all paces and multiple groups.

I head out the door and begin to run up towards the park...yes, I am crazy! Yes, I already know that...as I head up 1st Avenue at 6am in the morning, I feel that I own the road. It's amazing and come marathon Sunday, well...it will be packed with people.

I see fellow flyer, MD out on first avenue, she was calling for a cab though and asked if I had wanted to get in. I thoughtfully refused and continued on. (I hope she didn't think anything of it and I appreciated the offer!)

Anyways, I got up to the park and there were many flyers there. It was absolutely great to see everyone there as we had a great time seeing everyone. I say this because the group runs/races, you only see a certain amount of people and to see everyone doing something for the club is absolutely great!

Anyways, I talk with GW about a bunch of items ranging from coaching with TFK and how his marathonning is going. I still am wondering if he needs a pacer for the mohawk marathon as I offered to run along side of him and drag him across the finish line to head to Boston.

We all got together to have a little run down from EA and JM. Then we all dispersed to our own individual pace groups.

Ok, we were ready to rock and roll as PD sends a guy my way and tells him that I am the Marathong Guru...WHAT? Well, I try to answer his questions and try to give him some advice about it...then the 6 group leaders for the 7:30 pace group: PD, RA, JD, EF, AW and I set our sights to do the best that we could to keep on pace. As the loops go 6, 5, 5 and 4 totalling to a 20 miler.

We had MW(CEO of the NYRR) in our group, so keeping to the pace was really important as we were kidding around saying we were like school kids when the principal or super intendant comes into your classroom and you are super good. We were pretty dead on as we rounded out 6 miles...then 5 miles...then another 5 miles....16 and PD drops! Then all of us fall apart on the last lap...different runners want to go different paces and want to finish up in a hurry...so, group leaders are everywhere...EF is ahead of me as we round off 2 miles in 14 minutes...well off of by a minute (actually 45 seconds) and JD in back of me...it was pure chaos! But we had a great group as we finished up our 20 miler.

We stayed till the end as other groups finished and we were just being supportive and just chatted with one another since it was a beautiful day!

Then brunch!

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