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So I wake up this morning to check out the NYC TRI and all the buzz that is going on. I wanted to see the transition area where all the craziness is happening and see just how crazy things were. I woke up at 6am got dressed and left the apartment. Ran through Central Parl where all the volunteers were and shot across 72nd street.

There, everything seemed to be closed off...so I needed to get down towards the transition area. As I went down the stairs, I could see all these swimmers transition from swim to bike...and those empty bike racks from yesterday...well it was all filled with bikes and transition supplies. It was madness!

I watched for a moment as loved ones waited and saw their family members transition. It's a very interesting sport as I couldn't believe people did that.

I then had to make my ways towards Columbus Circle as I was leading the long training group run today...who shows up? ST and MF...now these kids are not the beginners that I was looking for. Both these runners are quite experienced in that these ladies are very talented runners. We are talking comparable to me: both these ladies run an equivalent of a 3:10 to 3:05 female to male times...

They are very quick and even I have a tough time running with them...

But seriously, we should have just cancelled the event. Not many of the members know this, but Glen does a great job in cancelling all of his weekends plans from June to November...that's 5 months of weekends that he can not do anything....seriously! I tried to give him a weekend free though no one showed up!

Anyways, we changed the route since it was only these ladies. We decided to cheer on the tri-athletes and circle around the park. We went one way with the athletes and then switched it up as we went around again.

After, I talked with JM and NC and stuck around central park for a bit of time until I felt as though I needed to take a shower...it was nice to see the triathletes do their thing and it was very inspiring!

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