"In the longest run of all, your life, you're going to be a winner". Amby Burfoot, The Principles of Running

Meet the mets, meet the mets....M-E-T-S! METS! METS! METS!

After a long day at work and a long running week, I am really tired and was glad that I don't have to work tomorrow because I was thoroughly wiped out last night due to my new roommate's birthday...

Anyways, I was dragging throughout the day where I was pretty much hung over and was useless.

Yes...it was just one of those days. I finally was let out early and was going to meet up with some of my high school and DS's (college friend's) high school mates (AD, BJ, PP and MK) at the Met's game...

It was very interesting in the fact that we had all planned on getting there at around 6:15, though the order was completely opposite of how we had thought we would have gotten there. I ran up to BJ's office near grand central to give him his tickets on Monday, so that he was able to get into line early for the Shake Shack. (But it ended up that AD was there earlier, then I waited outside for PP and MK, then when we were online, BJ arrived as we took his order...because he was suppose to take our order...)

Anyways, no running for me tonight as my legs need a well deserved rest and really need to conserve my running ways due to the 3-4 days of running in a row that I am doing now....really quite bad.
GW is right on that level where you don't have time to train for yourself. It's strange, you give and give and give, and hopefully the rewards are there...at least I am getting paid for all of my work, but still the actual hardships are layed to rest on my legs as well. Again, this year is all about helping others as I had promised and will be living up to that promise...

Schedule is crazy and pretty much no personal life:

Sunday: NY Flyers marathon training (MT) program

Monday: ING Cafe (pace leader

Tuesday: Alzheimers MT program

Wednesday: Team for Kids MT program

Thursday: OFF (private speed work session - starting in August)

Friday: Free
Saturday: Alzheimers MT Program

I'm completely booked and ST wants to be my client as well...yeah, like that will happen I told her on the run last night. She told me that it would be good for me to get her into shape (shape? I was huffing and puffing when I ran with her, all these lighter runs are really getting me to slow down...very scary! Uh! BAD!)

Anyways...the METS game was pretty horrible, but socializing was fun. We were in the very nosebleed seats where we were behind the scoreboard in left field...the stadium was absolutely beautiful as it was clearly really open.

We eventually moved to a much clearer spot as the location that we were in was a completely shaded area and to be open was completely night and day of each other...was no problem at all, just very different from the enclosed to open. It was chilly as well and a beautiful night...quite amazing in it's own special way...

Oh and it was Alzheimer's day, where there were many of the volunteers trying to get donations around different areas. I saw CS there as she is our direct contact to the Chapter and has been helping us Coaches with everything internally. I also saw SS there as well as she was strolling around. Other coach JL was there on hand with Fiancee NH (whom I had spoken with) and other JC members and MT people from our Run to Remember team...and very interesting to see how the chapter had given out some volunteers our shirt with our logo, representing out team and getting the awareness out there...

Anyways...the very end of the night I returned home and dozed off to bed...EXHAUSTED from the day...

It was really nice to see everyone and in all...a great day!

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