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Remember that if you don't go to the starting line, you will never view the whole course with all its possibilities. And you will certainly never see the glories of the finish line. Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Ok, so really I don't know what was wrong with me today. I woke up so early from the exhaustion of waking up early yesterday that I went to bed early last night and woke up early this morning! Ok, so 5:30 is not early, but still...it really is to my 6:30 wake ups that are usual.

So, I wake up do my thing and then go back to bed till say...8ish. Get up and mozy around, clean things up and pack my things for the day. I find that I don't have work today, though I have an interview with Team for Kids for a coaching position...

Ok, where does that put me?

Part time (on call) architecture job

Part time (Monday) ING cafe pace group leading

Part time (Tuesday and Saturday) Alzheimers: Run2Remember coaching

Part time (Wednesday) Team for Kids

Thursdays - individual coaching gig that starts in August

Friday - free

Sunday - Long training runs: New York Flyers

Yup, that's my weekly schedule from now till The New York City Marathon...so...just have to deal with it because I don't currently have a job.

So I leave my apartment thinking all gung ho about going to my job (old job to do work). I walk intensely watching people as they walk, they zip past and all business attired. I am just taking my time and zipping through streets, back and forth...all I am thinking about is setting some schedules up for certain people on the Alzheimer's team. I am thinking just complete that...

I reach 27th street and 8th ave when I realize that I have a meeting at 11am with Team for Kids and it's on the East side! What am I crazy!

Why on earth would I go down to the lower west side and only spend an hour at work, then have to go back up for the interview and walk back up? That didn't make any sense...

But well, nothing made sense these days.

I realized this and turned back around, very much in a confused state of matter, thinking to myself, why did I just do that?

I needed to pee...

So I turned back and was on my ways back home when I stopped into Bryant Park. Ohh...so beautiful. I peed, then since I was there, I did a little work and just enjoyed the view.

The sprinklers were out as you watched them go back and forth. I sat in the warmth of the sun, the green grass and trees nestled around the city as the city was in the background...it was actually serene...really nice!

I took my sweet time in enjoying the atmosphere a little too much as I had been contemplating on wearing my sandles to the interview or going back home and wearing my black shoes...

Decision, go back home and wear my black shoes. That meant pick it up and try to make it back in time to change shoes and make it back down to my interview in like 20 min to half an hour. Crazy me...

It was hot out and I made it home with about 5-10 minutes to spare...which meant I would be late for my interview! Oh man! Stupid me! I change, get my items that I need and quickly speed on out.

It was hot out and I sprinted towards 51st street. Running in black shoes, yeah....sure. I make it there about a little late and got ID ed and went up the first available elevator...umm...I was suppose to go up to the 11th floor and this only took me up to the 9th...

Oh dear! Ok, so I went up, then went down and waited for the elevators that was going to take me to the 11 the floor...I saw a service elevator and went in, but the security guard quickly told me to get out...ok, now I feel dumb...here I am sweating my ass off and I am making the most stupid decisions today...

I quickly get into the elevator and am on my ways up...ok, then it makes multiple amounts of stops, me thinking it is my stop EVERY single time! What is wrong with me!

This is crazy! Anyways, I finally get there in a pool of sweat and try to quickly dry off...

Oh man! Really this is going great! The interview went well as they had seen my technical skill in my progression of running and coaching skills. They were impressed about that and was also impressed about various people talking very highly of me...they wanted to see me in person though and wanted to see my personality. I can totally understand that as I try to be as personable as possible. Technically, they welcomed me into the family and gave me the job opportunity and had me fill out various forms. They still wanted to talk to two other references for varification of how my work ethic was and how I was as a person.

No problem. I left thinking that this was great! Wednesday's are in the bag and I had been volunteering for the various days and finally I will get paid instead of volunteering. I mean, it's wonderful to volunteer, but getting paid during these economic times is even better!

I got back home, ate lunch and geared back to my running gear. I wouldn't be caught dead trying to walk down again today and making a bad move. Iran down toward my office and got some work done for the Alzheimer's group. Afterwards, ran again towards the ING cafe, hopefully today there would be more people than just two!

More people than just two arrived as D had included her LAX team into the knowledge that these group runs existed and that I was a cute single guy...hahaa! Very flattering...so, yes, we had different people at different paces. By that time the pacers had spit up into different groups and one did the 5 mile loop in central park and the other did two lower loops in the park. Hot, humid and sticky, but these runs are more rewarding than ever because it simply is rewarding in the aspects of helping others...it's such a great feeling.

As we gotten back from the run, most people really enjoyed how the pace and groups were structured. It was good, but the group that we had ran quite fast! Wow, it's getting quite challenging!

In the end, ended our goup session with some goodies as the night was great!

2nd ING group run in the bag!

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