Morning run

"In a country where only men are encouraged, one must be one's own inspiration." Tegla Loroupe, Kenya, 1994 New York City Marathon Champion

Walking up early and having a whole cycle of running with JT has been a usual run. JT asked if I would run with her tomorrow and I said ok, as she also got in contact with PBJ. So Jos asked me if PBJ could come and I wrote an e-mail response telling her that she had to pick and chose which unemployed boy she wanted to run with...

That said, I wished it was raining in the morning as I heard small sprinkles of my imagination hitting the air conditioning unit. JT said that she would text us to bail if it was raining...but there was no rain and I had to change into my running gear.

I got out the door as my roommate was coming in (she works as a manager at the close by Strip club) but it's all good, she makes more money than I do and has a job, so I envy her.

I was out the door and started my way up to the park. Uh! My legs felt like lead, seriously I didn't run yesterday to give my legs a well deserved break and I would have thought it would be alright and refreshed...but still running in the morning still had those features of not moving fast.

I got going and picked the fastest route available along the east side of the park. I figured this is good, get to a place where no traffic can effect us. I made it up to the park and met up with PBJ...JT was late! Kidding! I just made it to the park pretty early as we started our run.

It's quite funny as we started talking and I told them that my roommate just got in. Then they raised the question of what her real job was...and I told them that I wasn't really sure, but it was sort of confirmed. I mean, we all could say that we do one thing and really do another thing right?

Then I told them that I really was not an architect or a coach. I am a male gigolo or a male stripper! They laughed, but whatever!

We ran...and it was nice and breezy as last night's rain did a little bit to cool off the weather. A nice cool run...as we also discussed about JT's NY cares...she told me that they can knit!

Ok, so that brought up the secret society of knitting club. Many of the ladies on the NY flyers are involved with this whole Knitting circle where boys are not allowed. Gosh! How rude! I mean I would knit! I am interested in learning...isn't knitting an equal equivalent hobby for guys and gals alike? I feel like an outcast....outraged! Haha!

Ok, I understand that these ladies need their gossip time and the circle of friends really sparks a bloom in their relationship...but the whole cupcake phenomena really entices me with ES's true baking skills!

Anyways, well...JT was also wondering if I was joking as well in my e-mail last night...of course I was joking! I wouldn't be limiting anyone to some runs! The only reason why I get up so early for these runs is to gain extra mileage and also get in a good run...I need a good workout besides running with the group for my coaching aspects. I also enjoy JT's company and I usually wouldn't wake up that early, but all good! It's great that JT and I are going to Oregon together for Hood to Coast as well...so we'll see if she gets sick of me before then!

Anyways....JT no worries! You're awesome and you are running really well....BQ in the mere future?

Anyways, I ran home with a stomach ache that started at the lower loop...uh! It was really hurting as I kept my composure of keeping steady and running! Uh! I understand how people have some bad running days...which means anything can happen on race day especially on the marathon...where you train 4 months, eat something bad and have a terrible race.

Eggs in one basket? I hate to say I would never do that...would I? Boston next year here I come!

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