Nike Human Race Ambassador Application

"You have to forget your last marathon before you try another. Your mind can't know what's coming." Anonymous

1. Commitment, enthusiasm and energy

Yes, Yes, yes…to Commitment, enthusiasm and energy…

I will be committed from that time to spread the word in all that you ask of me.
I have the enthusiasm because running is life and like life, you learn new things each day.
I have energy…running or day to day? To talking to people (as I am sociable) to energy in running a 20 miler and doing your chores 5 minutes later…I have that…Just do it!

Commitment to running is where I run a total of 50-70 miles a day, about 200-250 miles a month. People say that Central Park (& Manhattan) is a second home to me as I run double sessions. My happy hours are my long runs as I tend to bump into many people and talk with them. People tell me if I know everyone in the park as they run with me. Enthusiasm…Anything to do with running, as running is my passion. To be able to step foot in the Nike headquarters has been my dream! I am currently signed up for Hood to Coast with my local team and may be planning a trip to Eugene to check out what all the hype is about this guy called Pre? (I am only kidding!, I know him! and about amazing track and field facilities) I was a sprinter in high school and ran the 100 meter dash (11.0) and now I am doing marathons? Energy…let’s just say that with all the things that I am doing at the moment…I’m ready to take on more and would love to dabble my life to running…and name my first born Nike…So yes, I have a full time job on top of these part time jobs.
2. Your age, sex, current city of residence and your Nike+ username.

Age: 28
Sex: Male
Current City: New York City, NY

Please choose between the photos.
1) Tatt – in the back of my leg there is a tattoo of a phoenix and a dragon – distinguishing the ying and yang also having the numbers 26.2.
2) Photo – regular running photo – Regular racing attire – American flag bandana, silver sunglasses and Flyer’s Uniform
3) Kilt – the annual scottland run in nyc where running in a kilt is a fun attire for me (as it weighs 3-5 pounds)
4) Picture – Taking a picture is my specialty as this was during the Reach the Beach relay
5) Fans – During the Boston Marathon at mile 25, taking a picture with my high school friends who come out in signs every year as they made shirts as well…my fan club!

My legs are paying the bills in New York City and I am fine with that. I am a coach for two teams for the New York City marathon charity programs, Team for Kids and the Alzheimer’s Association. I currently also am part of the ING pace leading group ever Monday night’s from now till the NYC marathon. I am the marathon co-coordinator for the New York Flyers, one of the largest clubs in New York City and held a secretary position that required me to know most of my members. I have qualified for the Boston Marathon and ran it in 3:00 while carrying a camera and taking about 150+ pictures…I do that in all of my marathons as my lifetime goal is to do a marathon in every state, because I run for my grandmother who has the Alzheimer’s disease.

Running is my terms of relaxation, it’s my time where there isn’t anyone to contact me on my cell phone or disturb me with an e-mail. Running is where I can catch up with my friends, while doing a workout.

I love running for what it is, what it means and for all those people who will step foot from the couch to running their first race. That’s what the human race is all about! (as I did it last year in NYC) The human race is to let people learn about what they can do, what running can do to help their bodies, get them motivated to exercise and stay in shape. They can accomplish so much.
My goal this year was to HELP OTHERS. I have helped people from my club teammates in accomplishing their Personal Records to signing up to being a pace leader for the 3:10 pace group in the New Jersey Marathon to coaching newbie marathon runners run the New York City marathon. This year is the year to help motivate runners to get out there to accomplish their goals, may it be lifetime or a small bump in the road.

Are you up for the job? You’ll be in the running to be a Human Race Ambassador.Ambassadors will be chosen shortly after the deadline and will be notified via email. Good luck!


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Good luck! I applied for this too!

Your application looks great and is very inspiring!

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