Nose bleeds

I try to think of myself as an apple tree. Time is not linear, it moves in circles. Come spring, I will bloom again. Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Ok, so not the greatest thing to start off your morning as I started off mine with a nose bleed. Uh! Carefully get out of bed...a little light headed afterwards and uh! I'm blaming this one on the lack of sleep and attention I am giving to my body. It's been quite the killer instincts that I have been well, not taking care of my body correctly...but I need to as my legs are now paying the bills.

So coming home late last night from a round about tour of bars from a bachelor's party, I quickly eat something and quickly go to bed as well...since today I needed to wake up early for the Flyer's MT program...why did I do this again?

I have th greatest respect for GW as he has done an incredible job with this program and have selflessly put his marathonning to the side for all others. I think and am finding that it has really broken up a whole lot of things. Your stride is shot, you wake up earlier, your weekend plans are shot, social life is shot (except for runners)...but your helping others...a huge sacrifice from June to November...

It's a long ways till November...

Anyways, head out of my apartment and gingerly run up towards 88th and Lex (where GW was going to pick me up) I wonder why he just doesn't ask me to just run up a few more blocks to his apartment... but I do what I am told and just sit and observe...it's fun to watch people, especially on a Sunday morning where you see the strangest things...a man feeding flocks of pigeons with old bread, a child going in and out of a store, just running around, dog walkers doing their daily routine....

Uh! Finally we head up to Van Cortland park, as our MT program has sought out to follow what we had put there...a long run. Hills here and there although we tackled them as a group, I do love hills though and as we went up, there was no question that you had to go down...sprinting down as you let your body loose, although you can do this when you are on the trails, rather than the roads. We got out of the hills and back into the flats...trail running straight on a bike path. I felt a little hungry, but that subsided and we grouped up as the 4 (AW, LL, MT) and I basically strolled on our speedy pace. We were moving and booking', we ended up having some great conversations and at our talking comfort pace it was an ok, hot day. We ended up doing 13 for the day and then rested as everyone else came in. Wheew! It was a hot day as wew stretched in the shade to get out of the sun. Brutal!

Everyone enjoyed the good run in the end and wheew! Good thing there was water!

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