Oh my god...Anyone a Doctor?

"As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are." Joan Benoit Samuelson

So the day started with me sleeping in on the boat, what I saw the sunrise yesterday, so I can sleep in today! Anyways, still a bit early, though as we all woke up and started to roll. We ported before noon as we saw everything we had missed in the fog the first night. I now know how pretty dangerous and how vast the ocean is, although each boat goes after different diggies.

It was nice to be out in the ocean waves, to feel the sun, the fresh air and really live it up. It was nice to really enjoy it and fully endure just relaxation and enjoy the summer.

As we ported, we quickly ate lunch and all the leftovers that we had accumulated during the trip. I tried to help out as much as possible to not waste any good tasting food...as the D's were up and going again.

We had to cover all everything! The equipment, the furniture, the rails...it was like a huge jigsaw piece trying to find all the pieces that matched each other...as that took time, we all worked collaboratively together until everything was covered, cleaned and all packed up to go. AD, BtD an AD's rents got a going on our separate ways as our car took a stop at the golden arches for some milk shakes...ahh! such a nice way to end this weekend.

They drove me to the train station as I was lucky to make the train and make it into the city so early.

As I got home, I needed to well, relieve myself and I was on the passing at the Waldorf Astoria, I have never been before, so why not check out the bathrooms there...what a good way to check out a place. They were holding a private event and the interior was beautiful, very grand and a bit on the gaudy side, but still beautiful. I went home, put my bags down and changed, then headed straight out the door to Central Park.

Ok, as I was running into the park, my game plan was to run a good 12 to 14 miles. No problem, 2 loops and way to and fro the park would do it. I normally would only run like one loop and up and down from my old apartment. But this is different!

I was surprised to not see any Flyers in the park at this hour as most flyers would run early in the morning though, as I made my ways past the large crowds...(though I saw DR, going the opposite way up towards harlem hill) I made one loop around and was on my second when I saw AC running in the opposite direction. I passed her, or what I thought was her as I called out her name, she didn't hear me...so then I turned and sprinted after her. It was indeed AC (we converted her to being a Flyer after the Urbanathlon, as she was our first leg on the relay team). We chatted a bit and caught up. I told her that I've moved into her "hood" now and that we should hang out...we chatted a bit as she was telling me that she was going to do the NYC Tri in like 2 weeks...she is quite the competitor with her condition. I am truly amazed at times and often really am amazed by how she does it!

After that I continue on, as I am done with Harlem Hill, continue to the west side of the park and right before I was going up the hill where the road and the reservoir connect, I hear a huge yelping sound and turned back. There was a lady that fell off her bike and I didn't know what to do. I turned back as I didn't know if my first aid training would help. There were three main people that mainly were around this women, also present was her son, who also helped out. There was a large pool of blood on the floor and the blood was still coming down onto her face...ok, minimize the bleeding by applying pressure. There was also a guy next to me that was giving directions on what to do and just going over the drills. The gal was there to keep the victim focused and not at all in a worse state where she was to lose consciousness. I tried to apply as much pressure to where the blood was coming from and used her bandanna for this process and hoped my hands were safe. Oh man, everything went so fast and it was really crazy to help out in a strenuous aspect like that.
But it turned out that the EMT's arrived, the police arrived and they took the lady to the hospital. The son, had three bikes as the guy that was giving me directions was a doctor after all...as he took one bike helping the son get them back to the bike rental place...as I volunteered to take the other. Oh well...

Ended up making friends with the doctor who specialized in emergency situations and he didn't and couldn't get involved in helping others to that extent.

We chatted along the way as we rode the bikes and also on the run back towards Central Park...found out that he may even join the Flyers...

What a crazy day!

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