Saturday Morning Run

"Keeping my eye on today is about all I'm capable of. And today, I think I'll go for a run." John Bingham, "Back to the Future," Runner's World

So, wake up early this morning because ST was going to run 12 miles and how can I resist that? I have to save my legs for the 20 miler tomorrow, but hopefully I won't be going so fast...

I run toward Central Park to the 72nd street transverse, get a dabble of water and wait on the bench...I thought I was going to be waiting for ST for a while, so I brought my Blackberry to Blog...but as soon as I started, she was there...pink and pretty and ready to go...I wasn't as awake as she was, but we soon got going.

We chatted as we ran as always about different things from running topics to breakfast....we soon saw an Asian guy in thermal tights, we wondered...why tights when it is 50+ degrees? Seriously? He then turned as we passes him and we both said, Loh, he's Asian...which somehow made up for the silliness!"

We sped up, slowed down and just ran around a loop before everyone else joined at 9am...as I said hello to most of my friends in the park. I thought it was hilarious that ST thinks I can be Mr. popular (like LH) in Central Park...or was that you JH?

Anyways, as we stop at the Boat house for water before, we saw SS running in the opposite direction. I screamed out his name and he looked really confused like who is calling me? I love that! It's crazy! We met up with everyone, then started out on another loop around the park. ST sped up as I was talking to her boy, JH. I haven't been to these Saturday runs in a while and now that I moved up to Sutton Place...it's crazy! ST and I buzzed through as we continued to chat about random things such as people walking across the street and waiting on street corners for the pedestrian light to change, to the weather, to I donno what!

It was fun and getting hotter as we finished strong towards 72nd street...

We finished a good 12 at an extreme pace of a good number and ST never gives up...we'll see come marathon time if she is good for the challenge of running the marathon for a goal time...she can do it...just has to make sure if she will be running it or not...

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