"Tears streamed down my face as I crossed the finish line. I was a new person, a runner." Thomas King, Novelist and Broadcaster

Ok, so getting up early in the morning and going to work early was quite the trip. But knowing what will happen as soon as work ended, yes! Amazingness!

My fourth of July plans was to go on board with my AD and her family. It was great to get invited and it would be good to get out and have a change of pace from the city life. I awaited from work to get out...slowly the hours melted away and minute by minute the time came closer to go!

But wait, I had forgotten one thing! What happened! I totally forgot my KEYS to my home in Somers! Ahh! What a dope! Gosh, I can't believe I did that, so now I had to go back to my apartment to get that! Great!

So I did and it started to rain...went to my apartment and got my keys...then left right away! Boy oh boy, decided to walk afterwards down to Grand Central and then go by train back home...though I ate lunch down below in the same area where AD had met up with her friend...weird!

Ok, while going to the train, I meet up with AT, very popular AT from our grade school and well, everyone is good friends with AT...so, we chat and talk the whole way up to Somers...though she get's off a stop ahead of me so I am unable to change into my running gear...but without avail, I was ready with my shorts under my pants.

So, get off the train, and change into everything else and hit the road hard...I was rolling as I needed to because I was an hour late...did my usual running three miles as I have been use to it by now since my rents do not pick me up anymore (since they are working)

Anyways, get home, leave my stuff near my garage and go back out toward the town center to get wine, a box of cookies from the bakery and chocolates...nice huh? I had to get the D's something, as I usually get people some kind of dish ware, but was way too occupied for the week to do that.

So, I ran back to my home and I was drenched with sweat...ok, unpack somewhat quickly and take a quick shower...then await for AD's parents, which I am really good friends with, they quickly came as we tried to avoid a big traffic jam taking the local roads. It was nice spending time with AD's rents and just catching up..as we got there about 2-1/2 hour and FINALLY! We get to Mystic, CT and get on their magnificent boat...ahh!

We eat dinner and are on our ways towards a secluded area to sleep, though docking the boat with the moon lite...amazing!!!
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