Underwear run

"Marathons are extraordinarily difficult, but if you've got the training under your belt, and if you can run smart, the races take care of themselves." Deena Kastor, First American woman to run a marathon under 2:20

Last year was the first time I had ever taken part in the Underwear Run. I happened to buy a very small pair of Orange "whittie tighties" and then I had to buy a size up and got a very Hot Pink pair later on...placed a logo of the Flyers on there and well...yeah, ended up that one of my friends saw me and my rear and saw the logo and ran past, wondering who from the Flyers I was...BETTER yet, the pictures presented last year during the awards dinner showcased my hot pink underwear antics, where I was mooning the whole entire club!

Oh my! Oh my! So this year since it was the economic downturn and I really wanted to get red underwear...but had to save up, I used the very small pair of orange underwear at the NYC TRI underwear run...come on! It's me and it's what I do!

I decided to try to meet up with SA beforehand to run a couple of miles and then run together during the Underwear run...although couldn't meet up with her, so I ran down the lower loop (my bag is slowly breaking) then went up the West side, thinking I was not going to make it to the start) I quickly wrapped my t-shirt that I had for afterwards around my bag, so that I would not lose anything...and then took a detour at the reservoir. I then went towards the eastern side of the park to make my ways around 72nd street transverse and towards baggage check...yeah, maybe it was a bad idea to run before (since it was so humid!)

I was dumping water all over my body as I had stopped. Water was everywhere: sweat, sweat, sweat! Uh! it was awful!

Ok, time to dress down and show what I got! BRIGHT ORANGE undies! Haha! It was quite hilarious and I was in search of my friends and teammates as I felt a little awkward standing alone, although I had also found KC and his gang of friends.

You roam around to see different people's costumes and what underwear they are wearing...very funny event. Take a few pictures here and there and well...then the race begins...very informally as it is quite funny.

The whole entire thing is quite hilarious as it is all for fun!

Pictures? Yes...pictures to follow!

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