Extension and Bobby Flay

"I've always liked hills. I see a challenge, a goal, and I feel instantly galvanized to achieve the goal." Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

This one is for the record books...

So, every wednesday nights I have Team for Kids practice as I am a newly coach from volunteer to assistant coach.

I recently got word that I am officially a newly "paid" coach as I was volunteering to gain reference to coaching techniques. I have been trying to broaden my running resume and trying to gain references in different aspects of training and building my own teaching techniques.

So that said, I had left my office on 13th and 8th and ran up 8th avenue towards Central Park. On my way towards Columbus Circle (right on the cusps of 8th and the circle) I hear my phone ring...

Great! Who is that? I take out my phone and look at who it is. Hmm...my office. I decide to answer, which is weird, because no one usually calls me from my office. It was one of the partner's in charge.

He doesn't beat around the bush and quickly just tells me that my furlough period of 6 weeks right now needs to be extended by another 2 weeks. I really do not know how to take it. Should I be happy where currently I am sort of enjoying myself in this Summer Time scheme of things? Or should I take it harshly where currently I am in an economic turmoil and I am hurting every little step of the way...

As I am on the phone with my partner in charge, I am walking around the lower portion towards the mouth of the park, where I see this familiar face. I had seen this person before and I couldn't place where I have seen this guy from...was he a runner, was he a Flyer? Had I seen this guy from any of my new running jobs?

I couldn't really place him anywhere and couldn't put a name to the face...so, he's right around coming straight forwards, that I give him the recommendation look and head knod, as he scurries on by.

I keep staring at him as he walks past me and it finally dazes on me where I had seen this...IRON CHEF! He's a famous CHEF!!! It was BOBBY FLAY!


I continue on and meet up with the Team for Kids staff. Man! That was quite exciting. But the Team for Kids welcomed me as an official coach as 60+ people arrived on a weekday! That is crazy! Seriously!

As ww stretched, broke out into different workout groups and started out, I was assigned to a newbie 10 minute mile group as we were doing 2-1, 2-1, 3-2 acceleration drills. It helped them, they realy liked it even though it was tough...this whole coaching this is quite rewarding where you really help people along the way, offer them tips and overall a wonderful experience!

Ahh! So nice!

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mLe said...

ee, sorry to hear about the extension...but at least you're getting some more coaching experience! this is the summer of architects doing non architectural work :P

and bobby flay!! so cool :)