Alzheimer's practice

You have to wonder at times what you're doing out there. Over the years, I've given myself a thousand reasons to keep running, but it always comes back to where it started. It comes down to self-satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Steve Prefontaine

We had a mix up with the NYRR and another one of our runners. Since this is our first year running this show, we ran into some problems with registering our runners into the system.

Ok, so things needed to be cleanned up tomorrow with our connection at the NYRR as we needed to get back on track and just deal with the situation.

Coaching has been keeping me very busy with each and every runner. We have been keeping in contact with all of our runners and have been keeping track of each day and every mile they have inputted through our system. We are concerned on every aspect: running, fundraising, training and just every aspect that may effect a runner in general. Emotionally and physically to transform a person to a runner is tough and we know that. You go through a very hard cycle of an emotional rollarcoaster that you have to take in strife. There will be some ups and downs, although we need to take small steps and learn from this. Every runner goes through some bad and good days, but each deal with it in different ways.

We met all at the same spot as we'll always meet up at. Some came early, while the group met up later...I guess some people met otherwise and was waiting in a different area, but we started with the group of stretches that I had recently learned as people cycled in.

The group was larger than expected...we have a great group as each time we meet we grow and get larger! This is wonderful and terrific! It's so great to see everyone out there.
So practice today consisted of running up towards Engineers gate and then doing some running drills tyhat consisted of form work and lateral movement. Why? Because it helps improve your running abilities during a marathon and your form is one of the most important things in running.

We jogged up towards engineers gate on a muggy humid afternoon and stopped as we got there...did our drills as everyone looked kind of silly, but still it was a great group! We are trying to mix it up a little here as we did these drills. Ahh so fun!

The 6 mile loop hopefully was a little different for all as we continued on and finished up. Each runner is different in their own way, we try to personalize each runner in their own way as we have these group runs to make it easier for a runner to broaden their base. By now a 6 mile loop around Central Park should feel somewhat comfortable. May it be the hills or rolling terrain, it may be challenging as well...so don't fret!

Who are you trying to compete against? You shouldn't be compelled to conpete against anyone other than yourself. Seriously a marathon is all about what one can do, if you feel frustrated, you have some high expectations. You are competing no other than yourself in many cases...and training runs are only training runs...every runner has their good and bad days.

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