Arrival to Portland

"Frustration is the first step towards improvement. I have no incentive to improve if I'm content with what I can do and if I'm completely satisfied with my pace, distance, and form as a runner. It's only when I face frustration and use it to fuel my dedication that I feel myself moving forwards. "John "The Penguin" Bingham

Beginning to end of the day, we woke up pretty early to meet up at Penn station (JT, DL and JM) to take the train to Newark Airport. We arrived pretty early as everyone else mingled in and then got our tickets. Mozied on over to the train and it was on it's way.

We arrived at Newark airport, where JT already wanted to put in her baggage and JM followed her. DL and I stuck together as we went through security...which was also weird since we both got stopped at the scanner booths. (Ok, maybe the powdered gatorade that was stuck in a plastic baggie in a bottled plastic biking bottle may have looked bad, although that was not the problem...the problem was my stick. Yes, I have heard that they had quite some issues of carrying it onto the plane because sometimes it looks like a baton. Although I have never really had a problem bringing it on from place to place in my marathons. My sister had when she had first bought hers....

So, what happened? I had to check in my baggage. What a way to start out this trip. I had a choice where I could have just threw it out, but I just paid the fee of baggage ($15).

I had to go back into the scanning section, get all scanned in again and roll...I had heard from one of my Run2Remember teammates (EE) that her
Boyfriend was doing the same running event, his name was Brian also...so, I'm looking all over for this blond haired guy named brian and asking some people that may have ran before or looks like a runner.

As we added one more teammate at the airplane, JF, I whisper to some of my own teammates if that guy looks like him...or does that guy? I mean really now EE, a little more description here...

As we were boarding the plane, I was lucky to have only asked one person before and then finally found the guy after two tries...asking first if he was doing Hood to Coast and then asking about his start time. He asked me if I was running the NYC marathon and asked me if I was heading the Run to Remember team...after that I was like....YES! Found my man! (Ok, I was so not hitting on your man EE)

The airplane trip was not bad. As JT, DL and I were all in a row....us Asians together. The airplane ride was not so bad as we finally desended to Portland, Oregon....ok, I can't believe we are doing this now! This is awesome!
We get our bags, decide that we would go to the hotel and check in...since we were all starving and famished, we decided to abort our first plan of staying at the airport in lieu of other teammates coming in: RB and DM.

We bought our light rail tickets and made our way towards the light rail...as JM was taking a picture outside, the doors closed on her without warning, she flipped thinking the car was leaving...but really the conductor was doing something to the doors as she tapped the window and freaked! I thought that too, as I was on the inside and tried to hit like an emergency button...but before I could do anything the doors opened again....which was a funny moment.

We arrived at our hotel, got food at a local mall food court and met up with ST and LR, who arrived earlier in the morning. Then we called to see if DM and) had arrived. They called us when they did and we were wondering and had a semi- fiasco of wondering if one of our drivers: JM had to go back to the airport to sign papers. RB said she did not since another teammate had to go the next morning anyways and she could go then...so we strolled around the city of Portland seeing all we could see in the short time. We chatted with a local who told us what to see and do in our short time and went to the square, the famous bookstore and then the microbrew where JF was trying out all the different microbrews as DL and I knew what we wanted. (I seriously thought that the bartender was going to kill us!)

We went back as planned to the hotel, leaving the brewery/local bar as it was still bright out and us (kids) were little tipsy! Yes, we are all lightweights...

Dinner...well that's next!

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