"I often lose motivation, but it's something I accept as normal." Bill Rodgers, Olympic marathoner

So...I had been cultivating a gift to my fellow Hood to Coast teammates as I had created T-shirts with each person's last names to signify our team.

Where? I bought the shirts in Chinatown...what kind of shirts?

"I love NY colored T-shirts" as I had bargained for them and also bargened for the stensils as well...

It was really a heartwarming gift as I became true to each and every teammate. You become mixed as it's wonderful to do this great event, but at the same time you lack sleep, tired muscles and all that...where tempers fly.

It's all good before the race, this is why it's great comraderie.

So last year during the reach the beach relay, I gave out white bandana's, and this year...I'm giving out I love NY t-shirts!

Excellent! (Well, at least I will have more room in my bag now going home)

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Corey said...

so you used your broken cantonese to fanagle a deal? Fantastic!
I think the laughs and the asian look had something to do with it too...

funny that you mention losing motivation.. think about where you were 5 yrs ago.. 8 yrs ago even..
I know for myself that 8 yrs ago, running a mile sucked... I just didn't/couldn't do it without being exahausted... Just this morning I ran a bit over 6 miles in under an hr.. okay the rain slowed me down... but regardless a bit of reflection is nice to have... you should watch the eulogy that Ted Kennedy JR. gives at his father's funeral... it helps to remind you to push a little bit more every day... Sure I don't run as much or as far as you, but in retrospect, I never ran more than 6 miles before 2005.
In short, turn arond in a while and look at where you are, and where you came from.. It will help make the daunting tasks in front a bit more managable: even if only for a moment.