I had as many doubts as anyone else. Standing on the starting line, we're all cowards. Alberto Salazar, three-time winner of the NYC marathon

Waking up early was not in the plans as JT decided not to run...so I did not either. Going to the office wasn't a problem either as I decided to catch up on some work with Alzheimer's and just regroup.

I decided to go out when I thought was the right opportunity...that's what I had thought as I was heading towards Central Park I saw that there was a huge storm cloud overhead...maybe it won't rain...I could just feel the moisture in the air though and it just felt like it was going to rain though.

I made my ways around and a little sprinkle came down...ok, I can deal with this...as I had felt with this earlier this week (last Thursday) with ST. So, no biggie!

But as the sprinkle slowly turned to rain, I continued...as the rain turned to downpour! I continued. The downpour did not stop as you can see some runner stop to go under trees and various tourist get absolutely soaked from the rain seeking refuge under trees. Lightning and thunder struck as I continued on. The roads of central park started to absolutely flood and everything was soaked. I continued and pondered the idea of doing another lap...as I was closing in on finishing the first....yes folks it literally poured for an entire lap of a 6 mile loop...crazy!

Is it me that is crazy for continuing or am I just stupid?

I continued as the rain started to subside and I continued to just run...I saw that the floods caused some sewers to overflow and that was really disgusting!

Anyways, continued on, soaked, but finished my run....pouring rain!

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