Fox in the Park

"You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face." Gatorade ad

So, the dog woke me up at 4:30 am in the morning, I was thinking that this dog has no sense of time or orientation. The sun was not even up and the dog was waking me up...I told the dog to wake me up in half an hour when it was 5...and it did. Took the dog out, did the various chores and strolled back out. I needed to get my running stuff at my apartment and I had a little time to spare by the time I returned home.

I got home, changed and left...I went to Columbus Circle to see if anyone would show up at the park for the run with my Alzheimer's team. I carried my Run 2 Remember Shirt because I knew that a member from Maryland, MF, would be coming this morning.

I saw a familiarity of him as I entered, although with New York you really can not tell, I just stood at Columbus Circle. There he asked people questions wondering what things are what and he finally found me.

I chat with him and then EE came around with Jeff (who was hung over...) and Meghann, also came late.

The designed run was around 6 miles and we all went on the trails (excluding Jeff, who was bag watching.) We all started pretty slow and maintained pace at a 10 minute mile. Not a big deal, it was Mike Fox's first time in Central Park and we wanted to make him feel as comfortable as possible, it was a good group run as we went up towards 102nd street and passed Mary Whitenburg, some other fast paced runners like KC, a good friend who is superbly fast and barely made it to women's nationals...

The run allowed all of the runners to chat, have a good time and really enjoy themselves. We were shocked that so few had shown up, although it was a Sunday morning and looked like it was going to rain. We ran around the trails, hooked back up and finished where Jeff had changed locations (maybe due to the out-loud reader) we dropped of Meghann, who was smiling and happy after a run and I wanted to show MF the end of the marathon, which situated in entering the park, exiting the park and finishing up on 59th street and back into the park past Columbus Circle...

It was a nice loop that we took as we took him to the 72nd street transverse and through to Strawberry Fields, where we were unsure if the song from the Beatles came before or after the name of the fields placement in Central Park. (Word has it from winkipedia that the fields were named after the song near the placement of Lennon's murder)

We finished and I again showed MF the 59th street bridge as he came to my apartment to use my shower...after that...a visit to Grandma's....

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