ING pace group

After the soggy run, went straight home, took off my shoes, changed my shirt and quickly went to my part time ING pace group job.

My shorts were still soggy and that is never a good thing!

Arrived as the AC of the ING cafe was cold! Ok, we need to get a move on people!

The groups made it way to the park as I took on the longer mileage, but slower group. I had to make sure that everyone was still there...but where did everyone go? I was in conversation with a regular runner when the group of guys who were in back of me one of the fell back...so I had to wait...but where was he? Oh great!

Anyways, I waited and waited, backpeddling and just waited? What the heck? Ok, I need to catch up to the rest of the pack here...

So, I sprinted back and caught up to the group, we went around and as we started to finish up, we found the other guy. Ok, where were you buddy?

We finished our run and the night was over at the ING cafe!

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