ING: runnING

Running has never failed to give me great results, and that's why I keep coming back for more! Sasha Azevedo, American Actress, Athlete, and Model

In short, walking up early in the morning due to yet again the dog waking up at 4:30 am in the morning... the morning light and sun wasn't even up!

So I told him to go back to bed...and what did he do? Well he showed me! (He's a little on the uneasy side due to allowing him to chew so much crap outside and playing with so much crap inside...bad dog!)

Anyways, cleaned up his stuff after we went out and went back to bed...my routine has been like this for a week already as I need more sleep to recoup!

I finally wake up again from the dog/alarm and get ready for work. Work is work as it is a normal day (just getting back into things is sort of hard)

But after work, I quickly tried to take out the dog, then run to the ING job, but I needed my uniform. I went home, snatched it and went to the cafe.

Uh! I was absolutely SOAKED! It was such a humid day that when you stepped out of the door you basically are breathing a wall of humid air. As always we had split up into different groups as I lead the faster longer session. There was a military guy who sprung ahead from the get-go and I was also left with a very fast paced gal. Some others had stayed with us, although the pace of the usual run was a whole lot quicker and ended our run at the cafe.

The usual raffle prizes and fruit was given out as I had won the weekly prize of a duffle/satchel bag...weird?

Yes, very weird.

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